Any one here getting sick of emo's?

Discussion in 'General' started by kindness, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. You guys getting sick of fucking emo\'s? I am. They seem to be every where. They are taking over all of the music(or thats whats popular these days any ways). I mean, why sit around and self pitty all day? Now there are people out there suffer from depression and some of them are emo and I can understand that but at least try at life. Dont sit here mope around and leave your bad vibes on my shoulders.

    It seems like thats the popular thing to do these days is to listen to shitty sad music on mtv then go cry about it on myspace. Thats all kids at my school do and it gets annoying.

    Oh and just a warning.
  2. If life is so fair, then why do roses have thorns?
  3. Emo is going to die out like every fad.
  4. ^^ What he said. Yeah they\'re annoying but I just tune them out, eventually they\'ll go away.
  5. lol

    I dunno i dont really mind them, but then again i dont watch mtv or have a myspace.
    It seems more like a girl thing to be least all the emo\'s i know, and some are pretty darn attractive.

    Oh, im being a popular emo clown form my town for Halloween this year. should be pretty funny..hopefully he doesnt get too mad...
  6. It depends how \'potent\' of a strain of emo they are.
  7. At least we\'ve gotten rid of the flock of seagull\'s haircut.

  8. ha ha LOL

  9. Not really, just let them mind their own business and odds are they\'ll do the same to you. You\'d be surpised how interesting some people can be if you can just get past their initial style and get to know them!
  10. Hmmm... but your hair looks awfully dark and long.....
  11. Guilty as charged? :p
  12. I wish my grass was emo so it would cut itself

  13. This is one of the best posts that I\'ve seen in a while. :)
  14. I\'ve actually never seen an \"Emo\", nor do I have an idea of what their all about. It\'ll die out though.

    You never see people wearing 50\' Jnco jeans anymore do you?

  15. you an ignorant douchebag!:hello:

    [COLOR=\"Red\"]Please don\'t call people names even if they are somewhat intolerant of others. *RMJL[/COLOR]
  16. Although, I concede your self portrait is rather energetic and rather distinct.

    Not this generic \"artsy\" crap:

  17. the point, who cares? comes to mind.

    seriously, what does it matter the kind of music someone listens to or the way they dress. i smoke weed, do drugs, play guitar and listen to nearly every genre under the sun, and i wear polos, band shirts, and my hair is long. so what? if everyone is always busy judging everyone else because of what they do, how is there ever going to be integration amongst cultures and cliques. I have no problem with \"emos\" and the type of music they listen to. i may not enjoy listening to it myself, or choose to wear my hair as they choose to, but what difference does that stuff make anyway? they are still just people, probably people who like most youth, are easy to relate to and often are pretty cool. i dont judge anyone, and i dont stray from people simply because of their choices in style and music.

    you dont have to share their likes, you just have to get along and be RESPECTFUL of others.

  18. Another very good post! :)

  19. HAHAHA + rep. While I shouldn\'t laugh, that was clever. Durchii is right, sometimes you can\'t judge a book by it\'s cover...
  20. I have no problem with emos; I have an issue with this sudden forfeit of masculinity in our popular culture.

    Lee Marvin would be pissed off if he could see what happened to it.

    Let this be my demonstrated evidence.

    WARNING: The following video is deeply disturbing.

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