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any one got any photos

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by lacrossestar, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. moderators dont move this because i wanna see some successful outdoor grows because if u move it to the picture forum they will just put indoor photos i want pure out door so post'em up i would if i had a digital camera maybe ill save up for one
  2. not good but getting there.
  3. great critter are u growing them right now and keep updating wat strain are they they look sativa dominant
  4. yes l took those pics 1 minute before posting.As to what strain ,good question my friend .lt should be a combination of ,juicyfruit,white rhino and mazar ,the mazar was a hermie and contaminated the other two.These are from seed .l also am trying 2 clones in the corner of my grow room to see what its like.p.s. the outdoor ones are to late to do much good but l will get a taste.Remembering that winter is nearly here .
  5. beautiful plants u got there. LOL ur season is just ending mine is just about to begin do u grow inside too because if u do i was going to ask which do u perfer indoor or out i would like to try and indoor but i dont want it to suck so i stick to outdoor way easier

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