Any One From Ontario?

Discussion in 'General' started by _Badfish, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. If your from Ontario, where are you from? im in Whitby...:smoking:
  2. Yo! Toronto here.
  3. Just outside of London.

  4. new york, long island over here
  5. Did I miss something? You're a bit of a hike from Ontario... :)
  6. Hamilton Ontario here..
  7. Toronto over here :cool:
  8. Port Dover! :) 50% of the population here smokes pot and every kid that actually leaves their house hang out with friends or skateboards smokes pot
  9. London, Ontario smoker here!
  10. Toronto here, you'll find theres lots of ontarians here
  11. Barrie Ont here
  12. orangeville ont

    shit we all live pretty close together
  13. toronto here
  14. we should all have a stoner get together someday... hmm I'd say all of you guys come to Port Dover and we go to the dankest spot to get high on the beach.. trippy as hell.. hell I might bust out and oz or a keg for the occasion. :)
  15. IS Port Dover near Port Burwell?

  16. hmm i donno it could be hmm lemme bust out a map and see... it appears to about an hour drive from port dover. Port Dover is on the other side of long point from where you are
  17. Chatham :rolleyes:

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