any one from holland

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  1. im thinking about moving there what are the prices of weed price of living etc. also i read that they are racist against americans is that true? what kind of government do they have?
  2. Without trying too be smart ass, but realy!!! Sometimes I'm amazed what people believe, because of what they hear or read. Dutch people being racists too americans?????? Which planet are you from? The netherlands are one of the most liberal/free countries in the world, living in Amsterdam, I'm surrounded by americans together with a zillion other cultures. No problem man!

    If you are planning too move somewhere; a little more of interest would be in place, wouldn't you think? It would be like if I would want to move to the united states and ask:

    I hear americans only eat hamburgers and watch jerry springer. Is it true that there is a secret goverment and they are experiecing with alien technology to observe people who smoke pot. By te way what are the prices of a cup of coffee?????

    Explore your world, peace

  3. coffee ranges from 25cents (somewhere in the midwest, i swear!) to 5 or 6 dollars(for latte's and stuff) one watches jerry springer anymore...most do eat hamburgers.....

    to cradle.....your thinkin of france...they dont like americans....oh yea and america isnt a race of people..its a nationality
  4. I'm an American so don't take this the wrong way but that sounded like a typical American answer. Saying the Dutch don't like Americans is like saying Mexicans don't like Cubans. I haven't been there yet but one day I'm going to toke it up in a coffee house.
    It's not true that the French don't like's just that we expect them to speak English when we get over there and they don't have the patience for it. Most fellow Americans I know don't bother to read up on the world and don't even know where half the countries' states are. For instance...I bet if you live on the Pacific coast you can't look at a map and point to Delaware!
    You're right about Jerry Springer...that show sucks now! I'm embarrassed when I watch it now. I only turn it on because my favorite late night talk show comes on afterwards. Late Night with Conan O' Brien!
  5. yea im american too...and i live on the west coast...but i do knwo where delaware is..its about 40 miles southeast of maimi right? lmao jk

    but i heard the french gave up hella sex to soldiers in WWII...yea...i like sex....
  6. i stay up for Conan dude.
  7. NEver been there myself but my broham frequents the country. Gov't worker, we also have family there, my mothers family came from the netherlands. All my brother can say is how hospitable the people are. here is a look at the place, this is my great uncles place. I hope i can attach this properly, if not just use your imagination.
  8. file was too big, try this again

  9. Your right, I live on the Pacific coast and the only thing I can tell you about Deleware is it's not on this side os the Rockies and I think Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillape live there.*lol*

    p.s. Conan is the shit!
  10. coffee. you can get a can of coffee at the store for $2 that makes a lot of cups or you can go to a cafe, pay $2 for a cup of coffee from a can that they got at the store for $2.
  11. latte machines can cost several hundred

    oh and im lazy

    (y's it smell like hot dogs in here?)
  13. Id have more time to learn about Delaware if I didnt hav to spend all my time trying to avoid the bombardments of shit that the Hollywood folk down below me are always flingin around....

    I make sense when Im high, and you know it

    whats the capital of deleware? whats the capital of oregon, i forgot? im high

    im starting to giggle like a dumass and its getting hard to tyep now

    sincerely with love,

  14. ...except for that can of beer in the lower right-hand corner. Hope you threw that away!

  15. LOL...I only noticed it because I made it my wall paper! Gotta hate litter bugs. I'm not one to talk though.

    Hopefully someday I'll take this same exact picture...only it will have me in it with a Bob Marley fatty tokin up that sweet sweet cheeba.

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