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Discussion in 'Politics' started by chronicman00, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. If Obama is president he will not make it the whole 4 years and face lincoln and kennedy's fate? I was just thinking about how somewhere out there theres a group of racists are furious that the US is going to be run by a black man. If hes president I hope he will be here for four years just because its his greatest accomplishment in his life and that hes making history.
  2. As a Republican who has had a steadily decreasing opinion of Bush these last 8 years, I'm shocked no (legitimate) attempts have been made at taking his life.
  3. Don't tell me you believe in the "lone nut" assassin? Nearly every major assassin in history is a patsy.

    Every assassination or attempt was committed on a President that threatened the rule of financial elite.

    McKinley opposed the creation of our central bank during its planning phases, Kennedy was uncovering nefarious groups within the political establishment, and Reagan was an ardent supporter of the gold standard before someone tried to kill him... then he completely changed his policy.

    Obama is a godsend for big government and medical/military/banking- industrial complexes. He is safe. Don't fret.

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