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any one ever tAKEN THIS PILL?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Cop, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. :D:smoking:its a white oval shaped pill with one blank side and IP466 on the other side. its a genric for hydrocodine. i just took 4 of those and smoked 6 bowl's. im so toasted right now. ezze nice.:smoking:
  2. I think you just took 4 800MG Ibuprofen!
  3. you just take random pills without knowing what they are like that? I can hook you up with some birth control pills if you want.
  4. this...
  5. Haha, oops.

    Yup, this is what we call the placebo effect, right here. ;)

    ...or it might be your body rejecting the possibly dangerous amount of ibuprofen you just took. :confused_2:
  6. Dam you got lifted off the stuff school nurses hand out??
  7. in the daylight tho

    that is a prescription pill
    and is a pain reliever

    just not anything to get hyped up about
  8. hahah.....d'oh:rolleyes:
  9. Last thread I was looking at was about a kid tasting his cum,now this kid is bragging about taking 6 ibuprofen
  10. Dude pill identification sites are key when you have a pill that you dont know what it is don't just pop it and hope for the best research is key.
  11. You must be noddin' so hard right now man!

  12. i did that once

    but it was only because it was a really bad headache;)
  13. lol, figures his name is "cop"...not surprised
  14. Lmfao, this kid probably feels like a complete idiot.
  15. What the f is hydrocodine? Hahaha
  16. I wonder if someone sold these to this kid for money lol...
  17. This kids so embaressed he doesn't even want to show his face hahahaha. It's ok rooky mistake. But if you paid for this beat the shit out of guy you bought em from

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