Any one Else that has trust issues when theyre high?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Itzapissa, Jun 27, 2017.

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  2. Your just having a hard time bro bro...

    ...find chiller less judgemenal friends
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  3. T
    Haha. Somehow this only happens when people are quiet. And then i think too much on weed. I try to make my mind free but its hard. I cant control it.
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  4. Key words here are "dont stress"
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  5. Find the good vibes and follow them
  6. Yea i do. I always feel like people are talking shit about me behind my back when I'm not in hearing distance of them, i probably shouldn't think that but its pretty common

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  7. I have trust issues, anyway. I get a nice sort of DGAF edge when I'm high, so trust issues melt away. I also don't smoke out with people who cause me anxiety or whom are unworthy of even a basic level of trust.

    Weed helps out with anxiety and with most worry, to the point I can get high af and feel pretty dang chill like right now.
  8. This is exactly why I don't smoke with people, I'm a very antisocial stoner and the few times I've smoked with friends I feel as if I can't really let myself go and show who I really am. I feel nervous like I'm supposed to say something but when I'm alone I can do whatever I want, There is no need to talk, All I have to do is be high and play video games. Although when I first got High it was in Highschool and I had a lot more responsibilities so being high didn't help but now that I'm in college I find it easier to relax as I don't have people constantly on my back.
  9. Man I wish I had your life then seems like the older I get the more responsibilities and bullshit I have to deal with I would give anything to go back to highschool life was so much easier then

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  10. Distrustful - no.
    Leery - a little.
  11. Oh dude I got trust issues when I'm sober. I honestly don't trust anyone except my immediate family and about 4 other people. Way too many times I've been betrayed, jacked, or screwed over by people that were friends. Some of them I was very close to. It's a damn shame what a little weed or money makes some people do. Not to ramble too much, but it taught me to find your "rocks" for lack of a better term and keep them around. Quality of friendship is greater than quantity. Sometimes figuring out who your rocks are can be painful, but in the end it is good because you will have them.

  12. No you could just be paranoid :confused_2:

  13. Replied to the wrong person this was meant to the OP lol
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  14. Total opposite for me I'm chill when I'm high when I'm not high I'm paranoid
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  15. To be honest man, My responsibilities were so high since I had to take AP classes, Dual credit and I was in Football and played as a Cornerback, I also worked a job from 5-10PM at Taco Bell during High School. You could say that it's kind of ironic that now I'm an adult I have less responsibilities but I still work(Not at Taco Bell anymore,Lol). The work at my College is pretty easy, Then again writing has always been easy for me and I enjoyed it a lot more than Math or Calculus.
  16. It's all about who you smoke with. Some people I smoke with aren't trustworthy at all which is a shame. There's three or four people I can be 100% relaxed around though.

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