Any one else take meds for ADD?

Discussion in 'General' started by StonedSwimmer, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I always thought of myself as an underachiever and it pissed me off. I could never focus in class in high school but I did pretty well since to me it was so easy. I got to university and I could not stay focused no matter what and my grades suffered. I went on vyvance and it made the biggest difference in my life. I could actually take notes and focus in class and high level math became trivial to me. I cut back on the weed since starting it since I dont mix stimulants and depressants. Does anyone else take meds? if so how does weed affect the meds?
  2. Yes, since I was 10. I have ADHD. I'm one of the few cases where the diagnosis is spot on. I cannot function in a normal capacity without my meds. The hyperactivity has never bothered was the lack of focus and motivation. Hell, I couldn't even find the motivation to shower half the time.

    Weed doesn't affect my medication at all. If anything, the fact that it is a stimulant just makes the weed high wear off faster, as my heart is constantly beating faster than most people's. Other than that, I have never run into a problem mixing the two.
  3. Just started vyvanse and it has worked wonders
  4. I used to take adderall until I realized how bad it was for you. It's crazy, doctors will prescribe it to anyone. This is how it happened for me:

    Doctor: Do you have trouble focusing in class?
    6th grade me: yes. (I'm thinking: school is boring!)
    Doctor: Do you have trouble completing homework and long school assignments?
    6th grade me: yes. (thinking: I hate homework!)
    Doctor: Give this a try take it once every morning and see if it helps. Bye!

    I was addicted to adderall for 5 years. For anyone who takes it I would suggest to get off of it, it will mess you up in the long term. I remember hearing somewhere that doctors are like payed to give it out, that stuff is a joke I don't think anyone should be taking it.
  5. Man, what?

    I heard how it eats away at your aorta, but is there something else bad with it?
  6. Methylphenidate could cause brain atrophy, you should use a psychostimulant like piracetam/noopept

  7. I use both piracetam and DMAE. Both had very little effect on my ADHD...but they do give me a cognitive boost.
  8. I was but i stopped. i only took em for about 2 months. im just going to stick to herb. it allows me to focus and stay concentrated without any ill long term effects. plus i was having a hard time getting to sleep on adhd meds.
  9. I was never diagnosed by a doctor for ADD, but he did prescribe paxil which I took for a few weeks. Cannabis actually worked.

    Tried Xanax, works great but heavy withdrawals from just one dose. Not good.

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