any one else in to cars?

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  1. Im big in to cars, I like building and customizing them. I have a 88' s-10 truck with a built 350 v-8 pushing about 450hp and 475 ft/lb torque. I have some body mods and its gettin air bags pretty soon it has a pretty nice system with 2 kicker l7 10" subs behind some nice leather bucket seats. Had it out at the drag strip last year and pulled a 12.34 at 115mph not bad for a truck beats most the stuff in my town. My daily driver is a 91 chevy c-1500 4x4 lifted on 35" mudders and lockers front and rear. I also have a bug that i just started on i shaved everything its gonna be a strickly show car. Does any one else have a love for cars like me?
  2. I got a '99 Eclipse super charged, just got new cam gears, carbon fiber hood '19 rims and thats about it so far, I just started to tune it recently but its gettin to be a real mean street machine. Gonna get me a NOS kit soon.
  3. Eclipses are nice, i amost got one instead of my s-10 but i wanted something thats fast but good old american muscle nothin can replace the sound when the secondarys on a 4 barel carb open up and you got flowmasters its like so good sounding or when your buring rubber. I have wasted many hondas, and such when they rev up their pea shooter car and i just laugh and tap my gas and let out a mean ass growl. One night i sat at a light after it turned green for about 10 seconds then flew by this eclipse with a bunch of girls trying to race me slowed down let them get next to me and held up my had then droped it and they took off then i hammered it and caught up in a second and shifted reved it up droped the clutch and lit em up and took off ahh i love power. Why did you go with a supercharger and not get a turbo car???
  4. Did somebody say Turbo? Eat this chevy boy....STi

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  5. No it doesnt! you are the sucky one, bunghole.
    ha outsmarted ya didnt i
  6. Your tricky smiley faces dont scare me!
    Im not the one with amatuer butt porn on the net... yeah thats right i saw it and you are a kink!
    we all know who sucks the bunghole around here and its definatley not me.
  7. You know what gets me through the night?

    your kinky butt porn.
  8. BROOM!

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  9. oh yeah :D

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  10. Yea, the rims keep spinin everytime i stop... aight not really, but I wish they did.

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  11. blah blah blah, weres the supercharger??? typical rice burner talkin shit.... ohh well heres a few pics of my american beast.

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  12. heres the motor.

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  13. and a shot of the dash....

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  14. i wasnt talkin no shit, those are before i got the super charger i need to get my friends cam and take new pics
  15. If your not talkin shit, then would you agree to a race?? what supercharger do you have? what other mods do you have? let me see a pic of your boost gauge. and why if you got cams would you still have a stock exaust manifold??? that was the first thing i got was headers for every thing i own.

  16. Asking people from another state or even country to race you is dumb. I on the other hand am from Oregon and would love to show you a what a 4 cylinder "Rice burner" can really do....Biatch
  17. ok ill fucking race your rice burner, hell ill race any fucking import in oregon, as long as their street legal, if their not street legal then ill finish my nova(gonna be hoping for around 8 second Quater mile). What kinda rice burner you got any ways? ohh i hope you like looking at the back of my truck cuz thats all your gonna see when you get though the tire smoke.
  18. i can smoke all you panzy's [​IMG]

    in the dirt..

  19. i have a 300hp Subaru STi, with aftermarket headers, Pumped up turbo, and about a hundred notches in its belt. One for each 350 chev. that its decimated.
  20. that would be nice if it was your truck, and the fact that fords suck so yeah. Next time erase the cardomain shit before you post you fucking dumb shit

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