any one else have any secrets hiddin in whippets?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by ryano85, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. ... i know it probably sounds crazy, haha. but i dont do it often, i messed with nitrous a lot back in high school, now im 23 and every once in a long long while will do a few and i dont yet understand what it is but my mind always goes somewher and as soon as the high has worn off i no longer understand, but sure enough as soon as i do it again it all comes back, im not sure if it just brings me back to high school or what but i feel some sort of understanding while on it... im high as fuck so just ride it off as that if this sounds delusional:p
  2. lol when I do it I always feel like I figure out what life is and somehow it always equates to being like the last level of a game or something? I dont know I can't remember but like you said as soon as I do nitrous it makes me remember...
  3. hahaha... yeah, thats pretty close to what im sayin
  4. I know wut ur saying, it brings back the mindstates.
  5. whippets are always fun:D
  6. Yes. Nitrous takes me to a very distinct place that feels so familiar every time. Like I'm going back to meet my true inner self each time I do it. It's fucking weird.

    Then again, I've just always gotten weird vibes from nitrous. Between crackers and balloons and the inhalation process you go through, it's just an incredibly absurd scenario each time no matter what.

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