Any One Done Ludes?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jack herra, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Methaqualone is a sedative drug that is similar in effect to barbiturates, a general CNS depressant. It was used in the 1960s and 1970s as an hypnotic, for the treatment of insomnia, and as a sedative and muscle relaxant. It has also been used illegally as a recreational drug, commonly known as Quaaludes.

    I was talking to mom a while ago,and shes always telling that ludes were everywhere when she was a kid.and that everyone used to do them.but i never see them around.has anyone tried these?are they even around anymore?
  2. They were banned like late 80's early to mid 90's.
  3. and then replaced with xanax :(
  4. Lol I just talked to my mom, she told me she did them a couple times. No big suprise there though, she was a major hippy in the olden days :p

  5. lol ya so was my mom,but now shes like against most drugs.
  6. i've done ludes once (well, i was told they were ludes and they fucked me up worse then any benzo i've ever had) at the grateful dead show, highgate vt 1995.
    i was flipping out because some dirty hippy sold me a bunk 10 strip. i ate the whole thing and somehow i knew right then it was fake. two hours later, i'm irate...but trying to find someone in that mass of people is impossible. so some dude walked up to me and offered a couple ludes. they were in blister packs with spanish writing on it. dude said they were from mexico, but idk. i was fuuuucked up though.
  7. ya,thats cool,i would have been fucking pissed if some asshole burned me for a 10 strip.

    also ive always wanted to see the grateful dead,such a great band,im pretty sure there touring right now.
  8. I've heard that they're the most euphoric drug in existence. I haven't heard of them ever being around me though.
  9. QFT. You won't find them anymore, benzodiazapenes is so much more effective medicinally. That being said, I am hoping to cop some phenobarbital soon, which is an oldskool pill like luudes.

  10. to be perfectly honest, i hate the dead. well, hate is too strong a word. there are only a few songs that i like, and i didn't go to the show to hear them, if ya know what i mean.
    turns out, highgate 95 was like one of the worst gd shows- drugwise that is. i went up with 5 of my friends and although i wasn't there for the music, i still had one hell of a time. those ludes fucked my up bad. and i still can't remember driving home the next day :smoking:
  11. I remember reading about them in Scar Tissue and was dissappointed to hear that theya ren't around anymore, considering the book mentions them several times.
  12. always hearin' about ludes from the elders haha no surprise

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