Any one do anything life threatening stupid on pot?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hydrobud123, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. My wires brother thinks that pot causes people to do life threatening things. While the herb may cause you to be silly and what not i could not imagine someone doing something life threatning on this magical plant. Anyone have any storys to share
  2. Eh.. I think the closest I've gotten was drinking far too much. But I've also done that without being stoned. lol
  3. Umm...... one time I ate to many chips
  4. yeah one time I summoned an evil spirit because I thought I had trained enough to subdue it but it whooped my ass, ended up in the ER fuck it yolo
  5. Tried to slide down the stairs once, ended up flipping backwards and hitting the back of my head on he cement as I rolled down. Shit hurts man
  6. I got high and had to travel back in time to stop the assassination of my parents from future robot dinosaurs... but besides that nothing comes to mind that life threatening ._.
  7. For me and most people I know it's the total opposite, being too paranoid to try anything stupid.
  8. I flirted with an ugly oversized chick.
  9. Nope. Hence why I still smoke pot and have given up other drugs.
  10. Are you possesed now?
  11. I once thought I was having a horrible "Groundhog Day" movie experience where I thought the day was repeating itself over and over.... then i remembered that in the film Bill Murray tried to kill himself to escape the loop.... so i decided to try and do the same thing.

    I was going to cut my wrist with a glass but i was too stoned to reach it.... so yes, kinda life threatening.
  12. When I smoke bubble gum I keep banging my head on everything it sucks!

    sometimes I forget my head!
  13. No, i walk around in a nerf suit while im stoned as to not tarnish the name of marijuana.
  14. No, because I'd get too paranoid and then I'd just decide to put it off til another day.
  15. once I ate a baconator at the risk of clogging my arteries
  16. I once spent $51 on dominos....

    I thought i was going to die from being overfull
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    One time I sprayed way too much Cheez Whiz in my mouth and almost choked to death.
  18. I ran into a glass door on accident but nothing life threatening.
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    Once I got really stoned and saw a disturbing story on the TV news about a guy who kept this woman in his basement for years making her watch Star Trek and have sex with him.

    I love Star Trek so I thought it was horrible that someone should have to watch it that way for their first time (not to mention being raped for years), so I couldn't get it out of my head for a few days.

    I eventually remembered that the story wasn't on the news, it was actually from an episode of Law & Order I had been watching that day.

    Stoner scenarios, such as these, are as close as I get to "life threatening".
  20. well my fuckboy roomate but the sharp steak knives, point up in the dish washer and when i was high one time i reached in for a spoon but i was stabbed in the palm and i bled like crazy.

    i really thought i was going to die... blew my high and all.

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