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Any old stoners in your family?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PnP420, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Both of my uncles used to be hippies and went to Woodstock every year. Smoked everyday
  2. Hes not family but hes been in my life ever since I could remeber, my best friends dad still smokes and hes in his 50's
  3. Both my parents. All my uncles on my dad side. My grandfather. My cousins.
  4. That's cool! Yeah I used to smoke with my best friends grandpa but he died and that was like 6 years ago
  5. My moms friend is like mid fifties and grows.. A lot.
  6. I know my cousin does and my other cousins husband does
  7. Yeah...nothing like a grandma getting retarded lol
  8. You ever get any good from your moms friend?
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    Nope. My family only drinks on new years eve and Christmas.
  10. my aunts, my mom, my friend's dad, another friend's parents, a few teachers.
  11. Yeah! I bought some dank from a teacher that lived in my nbrhood back in like the 8th grade! Smoked a joint with him

  12. fyi:There was only one woodstock bro, its not like lalapalooza or
  13. Oh...I didn't know ...well they went to one lmao
  14. Holy triple post!
  15. #15 GOLA, Aug 10, 2011
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    Unfortunately I have to break the news to you. There were two more Woodstocks. And they were terrible.
  16. my dad, his girlfriend, his girlfriend's son, four of my cousins, and four of my uncles :)

  17. There was only one true Woodstock. The original woodstock. There have been concerts that used the name, but they had nothing to do with the originial and there weren't 2 more there were four more concerts that used the woodstock name.


    My aunt and uncle smoke bud everyday and they are in their 50s. My cousin and his wife smoke too and they are in their 30s.
  18. Both of my parents were alcoholics/addicts, my mom used to be a hippie back in the day.
  19. my grandma and grandpa are the biggest stoners i know.
  20. My uncle had a bong factory in my grandparents garage when he was in high school. My cousin got to blaze with him. But he died before I started blazing. Rest in peace uncle Tim. This bowl is for you man.

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