Any old school DOS gamers out there?

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  1. If so, post your favorite DOS game(s) back in the day. Nostalgia time.

    For me, it was Pirates! and Dungeon Master hahah.
  2. It was some math game. It was some dude in a TV station fighting TVs and shit.

    I have it posted in the nostalgia thread but Im not about to try and find it again
  3. I liked Cosmo and Commander Keen. I was about 7 when I started using it... learnt from my Dad. He loves that stuff.
  4. Kings quest IV
  5. Monkey island, Space commander, Xwing series, syndicate, Doom, Sim City, Jagged Alliance, Dune, and pretty much any of the old Lucas arts adventure games, like Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max.
  6. Any of the old sierra series were fun. I liked quest for glory IV the most though.
  7. Doom.

    The anticipation after typing,

  8. Definitely doom and doom 2 and also commander keen
  9. Commander Keen
    Mad Painter
    Dungeon Master
  10. Many... Doom, ZZT, Tyrian, Mechwarrior, Tie Fighter, etc.
  11. haha! I found it. Its called Outnumbered! I played this all the time at my grandmas
  12. Wolfenstein 3d and a game called Jump Joe

    Anybody remember DukeNukem??
    Those one liners he used to have...
    "Come Get SOME!!!"
  13. I had that one as well...Outnumbered. Crazy game. :rolleyes:
  14. Dude. Tie Fighter!

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