any old runescapers who quit?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by vb757weed, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. any of em would like to donate me some accounts? just send private message illl repp the fuck outta you haha mine got banned for talking about smokin ingame.. lvl 124 without sumnmmoning
  2. omg runescape that game is so old. i played it back in middle skool. like 6th grade. but yes im an old 1 that quit. kinda got out of the rpg games
  3. Virtual begging.

    No. You cannot have my old account with a couple mil and a green party hat that im never going to use again.
  4. i dont even member my old account. let alone the password. i think it was rubber ducky
  5. Anyone wanna share a high level account with me? I had a level 103, but i got hacked. I just feel like doing a little messing around on there doing quest and stuff?
    Pm me up if you do, i'm legit.
  6. To hell with that game. Play WoW.
  7. Fuck runescape, and WoW. Both of those games are ruining your shit.
  8. =[ i like to play when im alone and baked. lol jerks bein like no im gonna let my account sit there.

    its fun :/


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