Any old Ford fans?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mantikore, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Anyone know about how old this hubcap is? Is it worth anything in the condition it is in? Found it buried in the woods.. surprisingly in decent shape for being submerged in wetlands for god knows how long.[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Probably make a good dog food bowl....
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  3. fars i know hub cap annie went outta bidness r youda made a mint OG
  4. id make armor out that bitch
    allredy got RtL crest on that shit r sumpin close to it
  5. That is circa 1954. That design was used for a few years on different models. If it were in mint condition, value would be not much. Ford Classic Hubcaps, Center Caps & Wheel Covers - sells them for $35. In it's current condition, it would like be worth $0. The paint is gone and it's bent up. It may be a decorative piece for you or someone else though.
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  6. This is off the subject but here's a video by a local band I like a lot. They make some armor in it...and rock.

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  7. ma negga! :)
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  8. Looks like Ima be making a shield out of it for dragon slaying..
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  9. Sir Ford the lionhearted?
  10. Sir Fucking Obliterates Rowdy Dragons..
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