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any old blades ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by highdays420, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. old blades want to tell me about the old days and how weed was semi legal and was grown everywhere? 

  2. Old blades? Ask the new generation. It's more legal now than ever and is grown in much larger portions..
  3. not every where dude. . . .
  4. My mom grew up in that era around the 1960's-and late 70's. She lived out in the country area of the south and her family members openly grew marijuana and smoked it. It's not like that now obviously b/c of laws and such. But soon it will be the same way again.  :smoking:
  5. wow, when do you think that it will be completely legal do you think?
  6. No kidding. It's still illegal federal, listed as a schedule one controlled substance.

    But, with 36 us States being mmj and 2 rec States it's more widely used and grown much more than the 60s.
  7. @Dr. Sheldon Cooper you do know there are more places in the world than america? 
  8. No one is alive from the days it was not illegal.
  9. The old boys in the pub always tell me if the days of red and gold string Thai sticks, getting oz's from £8-£12 (take inflation into account) and cheap ass temple balls, they sound like they were the days!
  10. Absolutely aware. What an obnoxious question to ask.
  11. And countries trying to legalize and currently making progress set the stage for the whole world.

    And is name calling at all necessary? You're the only one being rude and hostile here. Am I really the one who needs to open up?
  12. @Dr. Sheldon Cooper i am very open actually... seriously dude there is more of the world than 'MERICA you sound like a hillybilly 
  13. Yet you continue to insult me. Very mature.

    Sounds like someone has something against America with your attitude towards me when I wasn't even ranting or praising America.
  14. #14 Funk-D, Jan 26, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 26, 2014
  15. back in mah day we dim dum der doo 
    hehe thsoe where duh day
  16. @Dr. Sheldon Cooper trying to say i dont like america? haha you are the childish one sending me messages of hate and racial abuse
  17. Lol racial abuse? How do you get that inference from me trying to claim you don't like America after calling me a douchebag and a hillybilly? Take a look in the mirror here. You're the only uncivil one here.
  18. My good doctor, it's clear you are dealing with some troll here... He's just getting under your skin and is being ridiculous. But it's ok, I know you normally only post tolip quali posts. To OP: I don't think many people, if any, are still alive from the days before it became illegal in the US, and I don't know anyone who traveled to a country where it was tolerated in the past either. 
    Also..... Go 'Merika! Trucks! Guns! Freedoms!
    :smoking:  :cool:
  19. Sometimes I give people too much credit and get lured in.

    And thanks bro appreciate the post.
  20. what about all those messages you sent me ? ha! embarrassed lil boy! 

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