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Any of you went to rehab for marijuana?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dany_savage, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. My friend and I have been smoking together for about 5 years now and his mom knows he smokes but she caught me at his house smoking with him twice after that she had enough of his shit and she but him in rehab (he's 19) how long do you think he will stay (he told me he would kiss ass and follow every rule lol) also don't you Gus think that's som bs?
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    Too bad for him. 19 yrs old and sent to rehab by momma
    Edit: there's no way they can make him stay tho. If he is really 19

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  4. yea we all thought it was funny too lol but he wanted to go to get his mom to stop giving him shit I just visited him turns out they only gave him 30 days he will be out February 6th
  5. i went to rehab for weed, but i was 17 so they put me in the "kids" unit. I was housed in some hat stanky ass shack of a house. it was terrible, and i couldnt smoke weed, just listen to a bunch of teen girls cry about all their problems. shit sucked, it happened during my senior year the only upside to it was i worked out every day and played basketball and  I got with a super hot 18 year old chick from the "adult" unit.[​IMG]
  6. "Booooo this man!"

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  7. Yeahp.. I was 17. I met a lot of cool people though so overall, it was a great experience.

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  8. What the fuck kind of 19 year old gets send to rehab by his mother? Lolol
    19... right.
  9. Not sure why you friend is going to rehab when he is 19. Living off mom? That I can understand. Sucks for him. Well it doesn't sound so bad. If anything he might find a few connects while hes there.
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    LMFAO at teenagers being sent to rehab for marijuana! I can only imagine what that's like.
    Probably like being sent to fat camp or something. 
    Never heard of anyone being sent to rehab for weed here in Canada. 
  11. I went to "rehab" or 'treatment"for marijuana when i was just 14, and it taught me nothing except how to better lie to people about my use of cannabis, which is detrimental in that it fosters the development of an "addicted" mind. What treatment really showed me was that prohibition is 1) an industrial complex and 2) still largely fueled by lies and unattributable "facts". 
    A lot of these centers focus primarily on behavior modification and such, and the time spent could range from 3 months, to 5 years, or at least that is how it was in my experience. Good luck to him, and I wish him luck. 

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