Any of you have no appetite without weed?

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  1. when im stoned I only get hungry when im at home or at a restaurant and i eat mass amounts of food, but when im sober i actually eat alot less, i sometimes have breakfast, no lunch, dinner then midnight snack :D Being high really keeps my eating habbits in good condition. the bad side is i have to work out or else id be obese :D
  2. weed definitely boosts my appetite. unfortunately, now i'm smoking more than i should, since i feel i need to before i eat anything.
  3. I go through phases when im high, the past 6 months I could eat a mountain of food, before then for a little bit I didnt really get the urge.
  4. Yep, this is simply a mental withdrawal of mj.

    Whether people like to admit it or not, indulging in a daily habit of toking will cause your brain to adapt to 'needing' weed to stimulate their appetite.

    When you quit or just don't smoke, your brain is missing the chemical telling you you need to eat therefore have no appetite.

    It'll wear off after the three day hump. Just eat yoghurts and whatnot till your appetite naturally builds back up, this is simply something that happens to all of us, hence why the 'no appetite and troubles sleeping' is so common to people that quit.
  5. I think I'm going through what everyone here has been through. I just have a real shitty appetite when I am sober. But when I smoke, eating is just the most beautiful thing on this earth. But I am starting to realize that I had a shitty appetite when even before I started smoking herb. I'm not gonna say I have a dependence to the beautiful plant but I'll go through some days where I can't stop thinking about smoking.
  6. [quote name="greenflier" post="11124985" timestamp="1309237588"]I have no appetite without weed which is one of the reasons why I started smoking. I was 135@5'10 because I naturally was never hungry.Any of you can't eat without weed?[/quote]Bro let's chat. I'm in an almost identical situation. I have to get high to really really chow down. Does your stomach ever feel weird or do you feel nauseated in the morning? Do you notice it's harder to eat in the morning? Do you mainly smoke at night?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. i just had a colonoscopy done thinking somethings wrong with my stomach. currently waiting on results. maybe its just my weed habit.

    i was an all day everyday weed smoker the past 6 months. i lost a job and sit around bored. before the weed binge, i was eating normally and was in good shape.

    now ive quit cold turkey. its day 6 today. i dont touch any food at all besides like a yogourt and a banana all day. my stomach feels bloated and gross and my abdomen cramps all day. i wake up every morning around 7 with a horribly heavy bloated push feeling in my abdomen.. it tapers off after a few hours into the morning, but i still never have an appetite. it always feels like i just ate too much.

    ive lost 10 pounds already, this is getting fucked up. ive attempted to quit smoking pot before, but these symptoms always force me to start smoking again.

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  8. can't eat or sleep without it :(

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  9. When you smoke everyday your brain slows or halts production of andandamide (the human endogenous cannabinoid). Similar to how male steroid users lose their natural testosterone production when they juice. Andandamide helps regulate hunger and sleep cycles naturally. When you stop smoking your brain takes a few days to start synthesis of andandamide, hence the sleeplessness and occasional nausea. I get it when i quit.

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  10. yes. We've got the exact same thing goin on.

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  11. I too have those exact same symptoms

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  12. I think it's mild marijuana hyperemesis. However I'm just gonna keep getting high :D

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  13. I don't eat too much, usually skip breakfast and just smoke ciggs/drink red bull all day. Might have a slice of toast for dinner.
    If I do eat a meal (sober), I usually just pick at it and leave half my plate empty.
  14. I don't really feel hungry when I'm sober anymore. That's all I know.
  15. I've never had much of an appetite. Rarely hungry and quickly full. The only way I'm able to eat enough food to get the most out of going to the gym is by having a joint at the right time. Similarly, I've always found getting to sleep difficult and weed is a 99% reliable solution to that. Even so, I'm not a heavy toker, and weed definitely didnt cause my lack of hunger or shitty sleeping.
  16. Usually the opposite for me. If I smoke I usually dont feel like eating. Some strains give me the munchies BAD tho lol.

    "Go easy on that shit, its HYDROponic"
  17. same thing for me
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    It's pretty common knowledge now that if you consistently take something that simulates your appetite, your brain will adjust and not get hungry until you get that appetite stimulant, marijuana.

    It's not a mild case of "cannabinoid hyperemesis" like someone here mentioned.

    But yes I do not get hungry if I don't smoke anymore.
  19. pretty much always have no appetite with no weed but i find if im lifting weights ill eat alright
  20. My boyfriend and i have the same issue. But he is a paranoid schizophrenic and i am a manic bipolar. So the weed eases our fucked up minds and our fucked up stomachs. He has ulcers, so for him the stomach part makes sense. But for me, when i cant smoke it feels like my whole body is just shriveling up as well as my stomach. And trying to eat anything is very very difficult and nauseating. Is it because the weed helps my stomach to open up?

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