Any of you have no appetite without weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by greenflier, Jun 28, 2011.

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    I have no appetite without weed which is one of the reasons why I started smoking. I was 135@5'10 because I naturally was never hungry.

    Any of you can't eat without weed?
  2. Food started tasting bland when I went on my T-Break.

  3. Same here. I can't eat for the first few days after going on a t-break. :/
  4. I ate once today..soo yea
  5. I'm the same, I can't eat and have trouble sleeping unless I smoke. I am a very heavy smoker though and brought it on myself. Its more of a mental thing because my body is use to smoking before bed, breaking routine is hard for me.
  6. Can't eat nor sleep without my other girlfriend but I suck it up...Worst thing I hate though is my hands get super sweaty cold/hot shifts. :mad:

    Gotta grow soon I spend wayyy to much on weed and its adding up FAST.
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  7. I gained ten pounds when I started smoking weed over the years and lost it when I went on a month long t-break. Didn't eat for a few weeks, and still am not a big eater. for me its the nausea I get all the time.
  8. yea I got my card after I got sick to the point that the thought of food made me gag. with regular mmj I got back to a normal healthy weight. weed just makes food awesome.
    and it doesn't help having a mexican boyfriend who can make amazing food.. well kinda ;)
  9. Happening to me, lost 10 lbs this month. Not the best ha.
  10. Not really, I just have a totally jacked up appetite when I smoke.

  11. This is exactly how I am :eek:
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    I had to post an unrelated thing on this thread just to say ^ Dopethrone420 dude your name and conan thing are f*cking awesome. electric wizard rules.
    I didn't mean to insinuate that I liked that you have a jacked up appetite. haha
  13. Well kind of... Ive always been quite skinny cos I was quite a picky eater in my childhood, however since Ive started smoking ive put on like 2 stone, which is awesome.

    I can still eat when not baked, thanks I think to my crazy metabolism, but I can never go on those eating binges where you just dont stop haha. Thats where the weights put on for me
  14. I can't eat unless I smoke.

    But I don't always get the munchies, sometimes if I'm really hungry and won't get a chance to eat in a while, I'll smoke and it relieves hunger pains.
  15. i start it three years ago now i want to leave it.
  16. My appitite goes to shit when it's "that time of the month" for me. Before I smoked weed I would pretty much just not eat for 5-7 days. Lived off Chex cereal and toast. So now I just light up and then I want to eat everything.
    It's pretty good.
  17. Been smoking many joints daily for years when I try to stop everything goes to shit specially my appetite It's gone and on top of that feel nausea constant gas and took 6 dumps in a day

    This is the main reason I keep going back to smoking
  18. I can eat without bud but bud helps stimulate my appetite x10 gotta love the munchies but also exercise and eat healthy foods rich in carbs, protein, iron and all that good shit.
  19. It's the opposite for me, my feeling of hunger goes away when I smoke out and when I'm sober I'll eat your kitchen clean. I think I've trained myself to be that way though @_@

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