Any of you ever think about having a secret grow room?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by brett119, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. When I have my house built I want a room that I only know about and can access. I want the room in my basement and my master bedroom on top of the grow room. I need to think of a way to get to it w/o the popo ever being able to find it if shit happens. A secret entry way from my room.

    When the foundation of the house is poured I'll have a wall so it looks like the end of the house but there is really another 10ft of space behind the wall and however wide the house is. I'm still in the planning stage so your opinions will really help me. I'm aiming for a 5000 watt grow. Ventilation and smell won't be a problem, I've got that covered. You ppl on gc are the only ones that know about this. I won't even tell my best friend about this. Hell I don't even want my wife to know about it. :cool:

    I just need some type of front so I can justify 7000 watts of electricity (5000 in lights and prob another 2000 in fans and shit). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. You shouldn't have to come up with a front, its your house and you can build whatever you want. Maybe your into filming freaky German dungeon dominatrix shit and don't want anyone else to know so your the only one who can access it, who cares?
  3. I need an excuse for all the power I'm sucking up not the room. A 5k grow system isn't exactly small scale and all the fans and other small stuff that adds up too. I had solar panels in mind but idk if they can power all of that. I plan to have good ole soil, not going the hydro route just yet. I just want to be under the radar. Can the FLIR detect my room if its ventilated right and properly insulated?

    With 5000 watts you could easily pull in 50k a year and thats just averaging .5g per watt. so 3 harvests per year
  4. If you're sparing the expense of an extra room in your house, then don't skimp on the lighting. Go LED to keep the bills and heat down.
  5. I do all the time lol but what are you gonna do with all that weed??
  6. I haven't read much about led's. How are they compared to HID's? I will be doing a scrog for maximum efficiency.

    What I'm concerned with the most is all the power I'll be sucking up. Will A normal 3-4 bedroom house and a garage using all that power draw unwanted attention?

    For an entry to the room I was thinking about a bathroom in my bedroom and having a fold up stair case that looks like part of the floor that you can have drop down.
  7. as for power consumption you can pull your entire service running 200amps and no one would bat an eye as long as you paid your electrical bill and didn't steal. so power consumption brings no threat, i have heard something about smart meters though being able to track how much power you use and when but as long as your bill is paid you are under a confidentiality agreement. Also LED's is a bad idea, they do not penetrate the canopy like a HID and are stupid expensive. I could see getting one only for a little microgrow or small growbox.

    Also you are fine, my buddy runs a 41,000w grow house and he just pays his bills, no problems. hes been up and running for about 4-5 years now.
  8. Thanks man. Holy shit 41,000 watts. What's his electric bill? Guess 5000 watts isn't as big of a problem as I thought it would be.
  9. some of the new LED lights are amazing. Expensive yes.. but so so amazing..
  10. If this dude is building a house, with a secret room even the police can't find then a few thousands of dollars for top of the line LED's will be a drop in the bucket. What a dream. And the title to your thread, dude, are you serious? How many guys ever smoked pot and thought about a secret grow room? Ever damn one of us, son. Every god damn one of us has thought about that. Welcome to pot smoking. Dreaming and smoking...that can go on for half your life if your not careful and one day you wake up and your 42 years old and you reach for the bong and see a seed down in the bottom of the bag and there you go again....dreaming about that secret grow room. Get some skills, make a life, and put your tent in your bedroom, until your wife puts her foot down. Then you finally decide paying a hundred an ounce for some decent weed is really the best way to live. You gotta let weed be a part of your life, not your total reason for existence. But listen to me go on like I got it all figured out. I'm still thinking about burying one of those big steel culvert pipes and making a round room underground I use as a "storm cellar" to ride out those killer tornadoes in, except when there are no tornadoes around I can use it to grow in. Ha!
  11. Haha you jealous man? It really is pretty feasible when you have the funds and resources. And smoking is not my existence. Currently on a long term t break
  12. [quote name='"brett119"']Make the prices drop in my area. The north east is expensive unless your hooked with someone on the west coast.[/quote]

    hell ya the north east is gettin a bit pricey.

    started my own super secret closet op. got a few plants goin, hope at least 2 are females so i can clone em.
  13. No talk of selling on GC, against forum rules. :mad:
  14. ^ Hey man, the northeast is crazy expensive. My jaw drops when i hear what some people pay for their bud. It makes me wish I didn't love living here so much.
  15. Jealous? If you build it you're damn right I'll be jealous. Funds and resources? Why both? If you got the funds, you're good. If you have the resources you're good. Sure I'll pick at nits when you have the juice to build a house with a secret grow room. Actually so do I but my wife would never go for it. She's the breadwinner (and a very good one).
    Are you going to off the guys that build it for you like the pyrimid builders did so the secrets can stay secrets? I've got my round underground culvert pipe secret grow room all figured out so I'm the only one who ever knows about it. I stand the pipe up on it's end, get inside and start digging, tossing the dirt out. As I dig around and around, the pipe just naturally goes down into the hole. The more I dig the deeper it slides. Then I climb out and put a top on and a ladder in and go for an extension cord. Ha! What you think about that idea?:smoke:
  16. ^^^^^ what he said
  17. That is the most badass grow op I've ever laid my eyes on. Ideas are racing through my head!
  18. Anyone want to go partners on a place like that? I bet the builder was a tweaker.

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