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Any of you blazed as a kid

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by stoned42, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Weeds great! The only bad thing is the burnout :(
  2. [quote name='"grape tomato"']

    I probably could have worded that better; Mammal neuron networks use cannabinoids (specifically Anandamide) as neurotransmitters.

    Do you ever feel hungry during the day? Those are your brain's endocannabinoids making your nervous system know it is hungry. Nothing about these signals change throughout your life, there is no difference between how an infant would respond to cannabinoids and how a fully grown adult would respond. The brain responds to THC through the cannabinoid receptors, its a very natural process.[/quote]

    I though cannabinoids are chemicals that adjust the level/speed of neutrotransmitter released.
    Does THC naturally occur in the body, or CBD? I thought it didn't.
  3. Actually I heard something about this it does and when you eat small amounts (I mean like unnoticable amounts) of THC is released :wave:
  4. Some mammalian cannabinoids include Anandamide, 2-arachidonoyl glycerol, Virodhamine. They naturally occur in the body, they send signals. Not levels/speed.

    I don't know where he got this, but it is false. THC does not occur in the body naturally, but its signals are received by the brain naturally.

  5. They would probably have respiratory issues, because children shouldn't be smoking anything.

    1 year old's bodies have already have already been making cannabinoids for more then a year, so a non-synthetic phytocannabinoid such as THC wouldn't cause any mental harm or damage to intelligence. Any damage to mental health would come from being forced to toke every day by scientists.

  6. Well I'll rephrase that.for him. Say the one year old was eating canna-baby food. Would it effect him in amy way negative?
  7. you might not have THC or CBD naturally occuring in your body, but small amounts of DMT are released when you orgasm :D
  8. #48 grape tomato, Aug 31, 2012
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    Might give him a little bit of a scare at first, but once the brain adjusts to the external signals, it would eventually feel as natural as hunger, sex, or any other emotional/neurochemical state. Especially if starting at such a young age.

    Any change in intelligence would be due to missing school or not studying to smoke. That would be a self control issue, however, and not a reaction to THC.

    The lack of damage aside, I would NOT recommend giving it to a child.
  9. I've been smoking since I was 13, and I feel pretty fine except for a few things:
    1) I get this spacey, dreamy feeling most of the time. Maybe this is just cause I smoke a lot, but I like it because it helps me think about things from another point of view and also helps me think 'outside the box'.
    2) Short term memory impairment - I have a notebook app on my BB to help me remember things. Sometimes I just forget things, which is why I like to write everything down.
    3) Less focused - activities like reading or solving a problem can cause my mind to drift off somewhere else, but if i try hard then I can focus very well. Also sometimes I can lose track during a long maths problem, which is why I try to write down everything while I'm solving it.
  10. So how badly did this affect your grades?
  11. No imo its fine judging by what youve written
  12. Fair enough, I heard this on another forum by another grasscity member, probably bs though

  13. Why would you bump a thread that has been dead for almost a month, and the OP is banned?
  14. I've been smoking since 7th grade that first toke as a kid legendary...

    Good times, good times...
  15. [quote name='"grape tomato"']

    Why would you bump a thread that has been dead for almost a month, and the OP is banned?[/quote]

    woah stoned42 is banned ? that sucks lmao i kinda liked his obvi troll threads that he claimed were real questions. blunts up to that guy :laughing:
  16. If you consider 14 a kid, then yes, I did start tokin it up as a child.
  17. Nah I think that guys legit, just a kid :confused_2:
  18. I had a C average from 8th to 12th grade. Pretty mean to strangers, closed minded from a logic, creative, and politcal perspective not in great shape acually fat from 8th-10th.

    In college now with a B average. Very calm, open minded (as in I study and think, not believe or shun ideas) and in good health.

    I started toking 9th grade... The real change was doing meditation, eating a clean diet and getting great rest (thanks to weed) instead of strict recreational use.
  19. Its all about how weed changes you, I started at 15 and it just made me more mellow and for some reason it got me to start revising and it put me off tobaccos nasty taste :)

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