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Any of ya'll tried this out before? Opinions?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by cruzisonfire, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. I just recently bought this
    It's a Black Leaf beaker base ice bong with a 6-arm perc. Do any of you own this or have tried it before? If so, what do you think about it? Did i make a good choice?
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  2. i have a similar design except mine doesn't have the second dome perc that yours has. it's really nice altho there is no use for the carb-hole. it's nice that the percs are black because inside them is where most of the resin gets stuck and it's hard to remove it, so that way it will not show. i think it's a great choice of bong
  3. Ya used to have one just like that minus the carb hole. That top thing is just a splash guard to stop the water from hitting your mouth. One thing I’ve learned or learned to favor is less bulky glass. It’s going to do the same thing as a straight tube with a good diffuser pretty much. Just keep it clean and it’ll do the job. Enjoy
  4. I have one that's similar but slightly taller. I love it. Use the ice notch though. You get a much smoother hit.[​IMG]

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  5. Ive got the 4 arm perc version. I like mine a lot. It hits really smooth and the glass is thick
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  6. I actually want to get that same bong soon
  7. yo i got almost that exact same bong pretty sure they are made by the same factory
  8. I’m personally not a fan of tree perks because they’re so fragile, that is a really nice piece tho. But I also don’t really see the purpose of the carb hole when you can just pull the bowl
  9. Probably so, It's a Black Leaf like OP's
  10. the branding doesn't tell much cuz a lot of these brands just print their logo on nameless china bongs. i imagine they are from the same place cuz the thickness is the same, the weld on the lip guard and the perc and joints. mine is this one == pekka.jpeg
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  11. I believe that Black Leaf says that their bongs are german made
  12. I've not had a Black Leaf, but I've had that same style of bong a few times. Honestly not a fan. The tree and the dome perc are just too much for the draw I like. My weapon of choice is a beeker bong with a tree perk and ice pinches, and call it good. Much smoother draw, to me anyway.
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