any of these people still posting?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hakennase, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. when i left, debauch and his roommate were posting a lot (what was her name??) he had a SICK glass collection and a couple of cool vids.

    also, bobbert still posting?
  2. i think bobbert and debauch still post... i know for a fact that bobbert does. but im not sure about debauch
  3. Debauch is DEF. around! So is his room mate, GoFuzzYourself :)

    Havent seen bobbert around much lately, but im sure he posts
  4. k that settles it... THEY ALL STILL POST.
  5. You guys do know that you can do a search for these blades, then search for all their posts and check when the last time they posted was, right? :cool:

    debauch's last post was today.
    Bobbert's last post was 4-18-06
    gofuzzyourself's last post was 4-19-06

  6. lol tweech is a genius. i think all the others were a little hazy if you know what i mean *wink*

    they were stoned
  7. no i wasnt..

  8. dont you back talk me. yes you were!
  9. no i wasnt i havent been blazed in 9 months dude.
  10. :(
  11. lol man i'm just tryin to joke with you. not being serious
  12. god damn it sucks but i know i need to put in a job app and the fam told me id get the boot if they found out again so i gotta wait till i move out

    besides... its shroom season.. :) ill head out to my woods in a few weeks searching for some.
  13. well shit UCF, i was :)
  14. LMFAO i expected you to be. always getting free and cheap ass mids and shit.
  15. crusher, that sucks about being dry for so long, but if its any consolation I'll probably be going on a 6 to 18 month break due to moving back with the rents next year who are not cool with any form of smoking, so yeh.

    If you're going to go out into the woods looking for shrooms, just make sure to get a visual guide of some sort to identify poisonous look alikes, cuz . . . well, they are out there, so just be careful.
  16. i know what to look for with shrooms

    mainly ill just check to see if they bruise blue... if they do ill collect them and bring em home to id them on the net. then ill get second opinions over at shroomery.

    ill be safe about it lol

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