Any nice countries out there?

Discussion in 'General' started by Loki the Wolf, May 16, 2006.

  1. So...I'm getting the hell out of the US in about a month...any countries you guys can suggest? I'm looking for your opinions.

    Oh, and also consider that I'll be growing.

  2. I hear Bermuda is nice.
  3. can grow shitload amount of bud and pipe out smoking hot chicks while doing it
  4. This is an obvious one, but how aobut the Netherlands. Thats a country I would defeinentely want to live in and you can grow and smoke there without getting hasseled by the law.
  5. Plans just changed, I'm leaving tonight.

    Wish me luck?
  6. 1 way ticket to bermuda!
  7. Dude, I completely agree with you here. If I get the chance to live in another country, it will definately be in the Netherlands.

    Ummm sounds like some shit is hitting that fan? Good luck mate, I hope things turn out well!
  8. whoa dude, are we running from something? haha just kidding. have fun being in no country thats as great as the US though.
  9. well our plant is still illegal in most of the world unfortunately

    have a good time! good luck :wave:
  10. i would advise against choosing an island to live on due to the great increase in severe hurricanes (unless you are talking about west coast islands in which case you would have to deal with typhoons and the sort).

    i would recomend moving to a very rural isolated area on the US. There are places where it's nothing but miles and miles of woods and farmland. You would have all the privacy you need and be away from US civilization for the most part.

    a rural area would be an ideal place to grow in as well.
  11. Canada, man.

    It's pretty fun. It's like the U.S. on percocets
  12. too bad yalls medical programs are shit. just teasing:D
  13. still got all my fingers an toes :p
  14. canada's too cold. i hate cold weather. i live in the dirty south cause it's the only weather i can stand
  15. ^^ word up bro
  16. I havent left the US yet.. SO i couldnt tell you. Anywhere but here.. This country is.. I dunno, its okay but teh government is terrible and we are born and raised to speak lies.
  17. I wonder where he went, and why he needed to leave. LOL im sorry but im high as a kite and this thread seems rather hilarious to me
  18. Move then. No one's stopping you.
  19. exactly man, good luck in finding a better government anywhere.
  20. What about the dutch? they have a pretty sweet government.

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