Any News on Grasshopper Vape?

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  1. I've been following the Grasshopper vape since I noticed it mentioned on a forum. I am seriously upset with myself that I missed their Indiegogo campain ( because I really want to buy one.
    I was just wondering if anybody has heard any updates on when it will be for sale to the masses?

  2. Unfortunately, theres really no information on that at the moment.  You can add yourself to their waiting list tho on their website and they will notify you when it will be released / orderable.
  3. I'm on their email list, but I've never gotten an update. If I were running their little startup business I would send out weekly updates to the people on the email list to get them hyped about it. A bit disapointing that they don't do that.
    Just wondered if anyone had some inside info. Or if anyone was one of the original backers. The original backers are supposed to get their Grasshoppers in February.
  4. I'm a supporter from their Indiegogo campaign, I haven't heard anything since they requested we fill out another order form during the first week of January.

    No update.
    No news.

    They anticipated a February delivery date. Tomorrow is 2/1, how about an update next week?



    Is this thing on?

  5. From FC............posted up 2 days ago:
    Hey Everyone!

    Sorry for not being around more. We've just all gone into laser focus mode to get this thing done. Our job has gone from getting all of you to support us, to just getting it done! I can't be more excited to be working on this everyday. I am sure you understand.

    I just posted this over on our indiegogo page's comments and thought I would zip over here and post as well. First, I want to say thank you to everyone who participates here, helping answer people's questions for us and keeping a lively discussion. I would honestly get 100s more emails a day if it wasn't for all of you!

    "A quick little update for you on here. First, we've refrained from doing update for a little while, as we don't want to spam people with too much of the little stuff. We've been making great progress, but are waiting to hear back from a few of our manufactures before giving a large update on where the project stands. As soon as we know, we'll be passing that information on to you.

    The Backer's site is coming soon! I know we missed the target on this a few weeks ago but we encountered some difficulties importing everyone's data. We want to make sure that your order is reflected accurately. We've worked with indiegogo to solve this problem and we're close to a launch. Thanks so much for the great support you all have given us. I'll be sure to get on here, in the comments, to spread a little more news around."

    If you've emailed me you know I almost always respond within a few days at the most. So, if you have any questions always feel free to contact me directly at

    Thanks again. Hope all is well!

    Trevor and The Grasshopper Team
  6. Nice find. Just signed up too. I'm betting they built one for each of themselves and went to CO and are spending the rest of the dough getting baked.
  7. Muchos Gracias compadre. I can't wait to get my mitts on one. It looks slick. Do you think I'll regret it? LOL,.
    You may.  
    I knew you would say that. I like the look of it. Definitely slick. What do they have to say about battery life on it over at FC? I'm going to defer to you instead of using the search feature. You prolly already have this info at hand. I really like the charger concept. Yes.... I'm a technophile.
  10. You guys are prob already aware of the water pipe attachment.... But I was pretty happy to see that graphic on ... Some website when I searched grasshopper Vape on google.
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    I knew you knew I'd say that.   ;)
    Regarding the battery life, that is one of the real issues.   In all of their vids, they demo the grasshopper at fairly low vape temps (around 360 if I remember correctly) and the guys over at FC were commenting that it may be because they are having issues with battery life at higher temps.
    Until we see some beta units in the hands of independent testers, the jury is really out if the GH is a viable vaporizer........or not.
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    I was wondering about that. Heat is always an issue on more compact units, and the battery is small to begin with. Still a good looking piece, very innovative charger....but that looks like it could be a problem area for people that don't take care of their gear. No way to replace it locally if it breaks.
     Well thanks for that info. Looking forward to some reviews on the actual piece once it hits the anxious hands of some seasoned vapers. :bongin: Or getting one myself...
  13. @[member="lwien"] thanks for posting that, I have been spending all my time on FC reading the Lotus thread. Not checking any other threads for some time.
    It's a shame GC doesn't get any attention.
    Poor communication on someone's part, I got no notification of the update to their campaign.

    [offtopic] I really want a Lotus, there's a possibility I may buy and receive one before I see a Grasshopper. I think there's room for both in my arsenal. [/offtopic]
  14. Yup.   Heard nothing but good things about the Lotus.
  15. I own a Lotus and it's great. I'm planning on buying a Grasshopper as well because they are really two vaporizers for different purposes. The Lotus is NOT discrete in any way. You have to use a torch lighter and it looks like you're smoking crack or something :eek:
    The Grasshopper is very discrete and would be great for hotboxing, smoking on the beach, etc. No flame, no light really, no odor, nothing. My friend and I parked her car on the beach last night with my Lotus and hotboxed, which was fine, but we had to kinda hide the Lotus because of the torch lighter. It's easy for people to spot that from afar... The Grasshopper, though? Nobody would ever know.
    Lotus = for home use
    Grasshopper = for when you don't want to get caught
  16. Definitely agree that the lotus and vaporgenie are probably the 2 least-stealthy portable vaporizers.
    They are quality though, I have hit a lotus and it was tight. I wouldn't buy one though..I don't like having to use a lighter all the time.
  17. See, that's part of the reason I want one. I miss the some of the rituals associated with smoking, player with a lighter being one of them.
    Plus I have a few glass pieces it would work well in with the WPA.
    I'm trying to wait and see what they offer on Massdrop, the Lotus is supposed to be offered in February.

    Sounds like the lotus would be perfect for you - pretty cool too because it's a really inexpensive vape compared to others.
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    That's what is awesome about the Lotus. It's not as fun to sit around in a circle and hand around a whip from a desktop vaporizer or a vape pen... The Lotus has that classic "pass the pipe" vibe to it.
    If I bought a Grasshopper it would definately be for personal use only or when I need to be stealthy. The Lotus is a fun social vape. Especially since vaporizers are pretty new, I bring the Lotus to my friends houses and they're all fascinated.
  20. I received this update from the Grasshopper people a couple of days ago:

    Hope everyone is doing well! The Grasshopper project is moving along with steam as we enter February. After receiving production samples, we've decided to make some small revisions and run another round of samples on several small parts. In spite of the delay this will cause, we believe that this is a wise choice.  Heading into production without perfect confidence is not a risk we are willing to take.
    Due to the 30 day lead-time that our injection molds and extruder tooling require, the timetable has been pushed back slightly. We're waiting on the manufacturers for the exact date that the tooling will be ready. Our estimated delivery date has been moved to April. You contributed for a revolutionary vaporizer, and we won't be satisfied with delivering anything less than that.
    We're setting a standard of bi-monthly updates on the following schedule for you to track the progress of the Grasshopper:
    Feb 15
    March 1 and March 17
    April 1
    In addition all major events will have their own update.
    With these few small revisions in place, we will be ready to ship. Much of our time until this point has been spent managing administrative tasks, which I'm sure you can image have been lengthy, due to the overwhelming number of supporters we received. What started as a small project has already turned into more than we could have imaged. We are embracing every part of the job, and are more energized and motivated than ever to bring you a great product.


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