Any News For Canada?

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  1. Any news about the legalization or anything related to that?
    Mostly for the province of Quebec City.

  2. As long as Harper is in office, any legalization movement is being vigorously shot down. They're also complicating the MMJ system, and not allowing patients to grow their own meds.
    Trudeau and the Liberals are in favour of legalization, and NDP is in favour of decriminalization.
    BC is the main push for legalization in Canada right now.
  3. Provinces and cities are different things :p
  4. That too.
  5. Fuck.
    Well,if the Liberals would of won the election(against Marois) could they had done something to legalize or anything related to that? I'm guessing yes,but just asking,as i'm not really good with politics and stuff like that.
    If the liberals would of won the election,could Quebec be legalize without the autorization of Harper? Or any province with that idea?
  6. I highly doubt that it would be done province by province with a Conservative federal government. The only good chance at legalization would be to have a Liberal majority government in parliament. If we were to legalize in Quebec right now the Conservatives would probably threaten to cut funding to things like roads or maybe even health care. I only see legalization happening in Canada after the next Federal election if the Liberals win it. :(
  7. I wasn't aware Quebec City was a province now
  8. i always think of f***** south park canadians terrance and phillip
  9. Yeah we are going to have to wait until stephen harper is out of office, because all he's done is increase the punishment for it.. You should basically just be rooting for Trudeau, cause he would legalize or decriminalize weed, and also he would be very good for quebec... i have mixed feeling about him considering im from sask, but anyone would be better than fucking harper
  10. The only province that has any chance to step over the federal government and go ahead and legalize would be BC, just because so much of their economy revolves around BC Bud, and their laws are already quite lax. I don't see Quebec legalizing ahead of the federal government, particularly because they're a more conservative province, and don't have the kind of investment in the cannabis industry that BC has. I mean, you don't hear dealers bragging about their Quebec bud lol
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    British Columbia is more conservative then Quebec. West side canada is much more conservative then east side Canada

    The cannabis market is also huge in Quebec, especially Montreal
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    How conservative BC is depends on where you are in BC. In general, no matter where you are in Canada (or the United States), cities tend to be more liberal than rural areas. I think everyone knows that Vancouver is on the "left coast," but the further into the suburbs you go, the more conservative it is. Same with Victoria.

    As for the West being more conservative, I grew up in tiny-town Saskatchewan and I've never voted for a conservative party. It should be remembered that Saskatchewan was the birthplace of the NDP and medicare. "Look at all those Conservative MPs from Saskatchewan," someone might say, but let's not confuse "Conservative" with "conservative." The current Conservatives are heavily influenced by the Reform/Alliance movement that was born out of the prairies, which had a lot to do with the perceived federal neglect of the West. Saskatchewanians generally believe that the current Conservatives look out for them, more than the Liberals ever did, which doesn't necessarily mean that they're ideologically conservative--unlike Albertans, but even they (thanks to the urbanites) rejected the ultra-conservative ideology of the Wildrose Party in last year's provincial election.

    Sensible BC is trying to effectively decriminalize cannabis in BC. All provinces have ultimate authority over policing (including the RCMP) in their own province, so the aim of Sensible BC is to amend the province's Police Act, which would instruct police not to spend any resources on cases of simple cannabis possession.

    By BC law, if a petition (calling for an amendment to the Police Act, in this case) garners the support of 10% of the voters from each of the province's 85 ridings, the provincial government must introduce a bill or hold a referendum. If a referendum is called and it's successful, the government then must introduce a bill. The government isn't required to pass the bill, but it would be political suicide if they didn't.

    Sensible BC will be collecting signatures starting in September 2013 over a 90-day period. They must collect over 400,000 signatures, which is obviously a tall task, but not impossible, because it has happened before with the successful repeal of the HST and the return of the PST + GST. People were pretty hot over the HST, though, and I think most are apathetic about decriminalizing cannabis. If the petition is successful, most likely a referendum will take place in September 2014.
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    Off topic: Awsome to see some fellow Saskatchewanians on here haha.
    Back on topic: Yeah as long as that piece of crap Harper is in power, there isn`t going to be any progress.
    I remember reading somewhere Harper wanted more prisons or something. How else would he fill those jails.
    They should legalize and tax it in Sask, use some of that tax revenue to pay for the new stadium in Regina haha.
  14. No kidding hahaha...that stadium has me annoyed, because we cant even afford to clear our snow properly in winter how the fuck are we going to afford this stadium? You from Regina?
  15. Yeah I`m from the Queen City. 
    No kidding eh! The piles of snow on the sides of some streets making it basically a one-way street was brutal. Could barely see over some piles too, made it dangerous to turn in some places. 
    Gotta love how even though I`m not a Rider fan, I`m going to be paying for it. They didn`t even take any public input on it, thought it was a community owned team or whatever. 
    Not to mention, I really don`t see too many big concerts going to the new Stadium. There will probably be a couple, but theres really not that many acts out there that can actually fill the stadium. Most of those big pulls are older bands that are winding down. I guess we shall see if I`m wrong on this part. 
  16. Yeah man i drive a low car, i almost got t-boned more than once...and i agree about the concerts too, i dont seee this stadium being a huge success, cause its definitely going to cost more than they are anticipating...although the rider games will probably still sell out
  17. Damn. See, if they taxed and made revenue off Marijuana, they could use that extra money for many different things we need.
    Such as Snow clearing, to fix our pot hole plagued roads, or upgrading the dilapidated barns on the Exhibition grounds.
    I do however feel that sometime within the next decade BC will start the legalization wave.
    I remember reading somewhere a little while back about some sort of test they're doing somewhere out there, where they are seeing how well Legalization would do. 
    In the last election, about 51% of canadians voted. If you're 18, get your arse out there and vote.
  19. As an American I'm not familiar with Canadian politics, I was wondering how many years is it between elections? And Do you have seperate elections like we do for congress and senate(every two years) and for presidents(every four years)? My hope is that if Canada decuides in its next election to have people elected who are in favor of legalization and succeed in doing so that many more states here in the U.S. will take Colorado's and Washington state's lead in legalization. And if anyone wonders why to this its simple: If a whole country like Canada sees it as something worth doing it will speed things up here in the states. This again is just a hope of mine.
  20. The years between elections depends if it's a majority or minority government.
    If it's a minority the average length is about 18 months.
    If it's a majority it can be anywhere from 3-5 years.
    There isn't going to be any legalization progress while we have a Conservative Harper government in power. 

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