Any new good video games ?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cali_Toker, May 3, 2003.

  1. Any of yall played any NEW video games recently that you thought was the shit. Non PC games. And no vice city (we all know thats a great game).

    I just purchased Def Jam Vendetta, its a wrestling game Electronic Arts just put out, you wrestle your way up to boss's and the boss's are rappers from Def Jam like scareface, ludacris , dmx ect ect. Pretty tight game but i want some more games and im lookin for some suggestions, if youve played a great game thats fairly new please lemme know.
  2. ghost recon is really good, its been out for a while though;)
  3. check out Midnight Club 2. that game is pretty tight. I still play Cart Fury and ATV Offroad Fury 1&2 for the PS2. I love racing games on the PS2. For the X-box I like Xtreme Beach Volleyball and oh course....... HALO. I can't wait for the XBox to release Streets Of L.A. -----> it is kinda like Vice City but suppose to be ill and ruthless. But nothing takes Counterstrike for the PC.. that is where it is at ya'll. I know you posted no games for the PC but hey.... that is the best game out there and yet it is so old. Soon Counterstrike 2 will be out. WoooooHooooo!!
  4. i play Splinter Cell, BMX XXX ( only for the videos )...thats all really.. haha. splinter cell is so dope.
  5. Get the network adapter for PS2 and than get SOCCOM i have them both and they are the shit. Its way fun play will on the tasty leaf. if you have it my screen names: dark_lamb
  6. Hey im gettin socom in about 4 weeks, ill look you up when i get it. some good games that are out right now for gamecube are zelda, metroid, smash bros melee, and for ps2, im not sure because i dont have one. but im getting one in 24 days$:O!J%

  7. yea i think you should get socom. by the way my names are

    lil kreeper-most used

    ws-a-q beat


    and well actually i have over 23 different names on socom so uhhh. theres to many for me to whant to type so later
  8. if i had a PS2, i'd prolly already have SoCom. but i have a gamecube....

    i JUST swooped up NBA Street Vol. far its mad dope~! i been on Splinter Cell for the past 2 weeks perfecting each level. THAT is a MUST-HAVE! Ghost Recon is kooh...i loved it at first, but its a bit outdated. Red Faction 2 is a good FPS(if you dont have access to Halo).

    i love to choke and play~

  9. funny you should mention socom, i actually got the chance to try out socom 2 earlier in the week (i work in the gaming industry so i get to check out and play alot of games months before they come out) , i havent tried socom 1 but socom 2 seems pretty fuckin sick.

    As for counterstrike, hell yeah. That game is the shit, but if you like counterstrike you MUST get battlefield and the battlefield expansion pack, likes like counter strike but 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better. Cant wait for counterstrike 2 , is it just gonna be on pc or what ?
  10. well, you said no pc games, but ive been playing warcraft3 alot lately, and iknow its not THAT new. but its fun alot different from warcraft2. theres lots of different types of games people create on there own with different objectives.

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