Any model car builders out there?

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by Thenewgrower42, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Come here to discuss your new creation or your favorite one . Share tips and ideas would be cool too.
  2. A great source of model-car-building info (as well as new and old out-of-production kits, built-ups/restorables, is Spotlight Hobbies ( BBS is a treasure trove of info with builders from around the world.

    Me? I've still got all my old Jo-Hans , MPCs and AMTs packed up from my last move....
  3. Wow, didnt think anyone else built model cars on here. Been building them for a few years now, mainly build Aoshima or Tamiya Japanese kits but I still like to build a Revell or AMT kit every now and then. You like to build em box stock or customize them?

  4. I never build them box stock lol. I like being creative.
  5. Cool, same here cant stand building them stock. Working on anything right now? I got a Lexus LS400 Im working on right now, making it kind of VIP looking since its a replica of my buddies car.

  6. A '62 chevy impala, i got the interior golden, and soon as it gets warm out ima give it a candy apple red paintjob.
  7. R32 skyline gtr I'm gona make it look siiiick!

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