any miyazaki fans?

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    your favorite from miyazaki?
    i'd say my neighbor totoro.  i remember watching that as a youngin.  and it has a dark theory about totoro being the death god... a good read if you're interested.
    spirited away and prostitution is worth a look too.

  2. The missus and I are major Miyazaki fans...have you seen The Wind Rises yet? only in subs so far but it is his best work in years...the missus loves Totoro, I am more into the Naussicca (sp) stuff though the manga got kinda wordy and an add-on question what do you think of Goro Miyazakis work so far? Tales from Earthsea are all I have seen so far (you can tell he is Hayao Miyazaki's kid) and is not bad but I am waiting for Goro to really spread his wings...
  3. i've never heard of wind rises.  i'll be watching that later today.  the last film i watched was the secret world of arrietty, which i didn't like as much as his other movies.  but i think miyazaki only helped produce that one and wasn't the director.  i've never watched any of goro's works but i think it's going to be tough to fill in hayao's shoes.  i just looked at some screepcaps of tales from earthsea and they both seem to have very similar styles.  hayao is great for his stories but his animations are amazing... every scene has something moving.  i wonder if goro puts just as much effort into these kinds of details.
  4. Arrietty was based on some other novel and yes the visuals of it were the take-away for me. The music was surprisingly good too; I never say that about anything, movie or anime. Just as I was reading your reply I was sitting with the missus watching exactly that and simply wanted to say its worth seeing....Goro was in a tough spot on that many characters look like straight out of Naussicaa or Mononoke but he has his fathers style, there is no escaping that. I think he shows promise and needs time away from the nest...if you want to see some really early and somewhat crude Miyazaki stuff, seek out Horus, Prince of the Sun (although it goes by many names, both in English and Japanese)...interesting from a historical perspective and a must-have for Miyazaki completists...
  5. these old anime movies feel so familiar.  i've never heard of prince of the sun before, but i grew up watching astro boy and future boy conan.  missed out on the sesame street and blue's clues.  i'll check it out sometime.
    grave of the fireflies is a good non-miyazaki one.  if you haven't watched it, i recommend it.  same production companies as miyazaki.
  6. Here is a link to the wikipedia thing on Horus, you can find torrents for it anywhere, depending on language. Grave of the Fireflies is one that we will only watch like in the middle of a sunny day, great amazing film, amazingly depressing...
  7. havent seen anything other than princess mononoke but was blown away by that one. gotta check some more of his shit out
  8. Giant Ghibli fan. I own many of the artbooks, most of their films, and love to dig into the lore and inspiration of the studio's films.
    My favorite films still come from Miyazaki however. Castle in the Sky and Porco Rosso rank at the top of my list. As for his newest film, The Wind Rises, I wasn't entirely impressed. Miyazaki has a knack for producing films with a very surreal and charming feel. There is always this sense of magic floating in the air with everything he has produced. I felt that The Wind Rises really lacked that sense of wonder that is ever so present in the rest of his collection. For an auteur director, it was a risky move that in my opinion, just didn't pay off (likely part of the reason of the studio going on hiatus). 
    On a side note, if you're not entirely interested in films. I'd watch Lupin III. Miyazaki directed much of the first season (hence a lot of the art style that became present in the series) and came back many times to direct episodes under different pseudonyms. Get far enough in the series, and you'll see the robot from Castle in the Sky (a couple years before the film was ever made). He also directed the film, Lupin III: Castle of Cagliostro (also wonderful).

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