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Any military or vets in here?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 164483, May 27, 2009.

  1. Just wondering if there any on GC. If so did you smoke while in the service. I was in the navy and hated everyday of it. Well when we went to other countries it was cool. I never smoked weed during my 4 years there but i did do spice and wasnt really feelin it.
  2. I'm in the process of signing the papers for the USAF. I haven't smoked since the end of January. As much as I thought it would suck to not smoke it has not been that bad the only downside is that I dont really go out as much anymore. But I have saved like 2000 dollars since then.

    As soon as I take my DT im gonna balze but once they give me my ship date for BCT im not gonna smoke and wont smoke the rest of the 4 years or however long im in their for.
  3. First post been lurking for awhile ;p

    I recently signed up for the Army ( last month) and i dont leave untill aug 3rd idk why..
    but ill be smoking pretty much up untill i ship but yeah once you get in all poofing must cease
  4. I wanted to join the military but couldn't due to no HS diploma. Most of my family members have been in the forces so I really wanted to join. My dad was in the service around the 70's he was Airborne 504th special forces devils brigade.
  5. A few people in my family were military, I couldn't join though do to a health issue. Sucks because I would really like to.
  6. For the people about to join... Dont let the recruiter lie to you. Your NOT going to get a "company car", neither a house. Make sure the job YOU pick in on the contract Before you sign it. Oh and dont believe they will let you stay in your home state. Just a little advice for you guys. Do your homework and talk to people (not recruiters or there friends) that are or have been in the branch your joining.

  7. oh you do get a company's called a HMMWV and it probably hasn't been PMCSed since the gulf war. You MAY get housing.....depending on how long the wait list is and how big a dick your company commander is.

    But back to the original question: yes i have while i was in.....wile i was my battalion commander popped on a Battalion wide 100% test..........45/45 sucks.....

  8. thanks for the service vet blades

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