Any Michigan Tokers? Need some help.

Discussion in 'General' started by Zon_Chewi, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. whats up guys. i had a quick question, i was wondering if anyone here has ever been to the Stairway to Heaven head shop in Ann Arbor? i was thinking of picking up a bong, but before i took the trip out there i was wondering if anyone knew if that had any good bongs for around 70$? any help is very appreciated.
  2. I live in the U.P., but my homie lives down state about an hour from Ann Arbor. He was actually just telling me they had some killer bongs n pipes there.

    From what he told me, i suggest bringing about a $100
  3. right on. sounds like a plan then. have any idea if they have known brands? RooR, EHLE, Illadelph, etc?
  4. Its a high end shop I think, so yea they'll have those. If you want one of those plan on $200-$300. My dealer got his piece there lol.
  5. I know they carry high end brands, but im not sure which ones... if you're looking to pick up a high end piece like that you better bring $200-$300 ... but you wont be dissapointed it you do that.
  6. well i know i wouldn't be dissapointed, but im still living with the parents and i could only imagine the shit show that would happen if they found it. being in high school, just shelling out 200-300$ for a bong isn't the most practical. i figured id save buying a high end piece like that once i get my own place. but they would have something within the $70-$100 range?
  7. If Stairway does not have pieces to your liking you can check out 42 Degrees around the corner (literally around the corner). Prices can get expensive there as well, but there is a large selection from small homemade to $400+ Roors.

    Between the two stores there should be something that fits your needs. Enjoy!
  8. Im sure they do
  9. alright. thanks for all the help guys.

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