any methods of making some money online??

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  1. I know a few ways such as, and a couple of other sites you can make a few cents off of a ad click or survey but I was wondering if anyone here used any other methods of making some money online for extra bud money haha
  2. Youtube videos and surveys
  3. I was thinking of monetizing videos but id only really be able to do gaming videos and you can't do copywrited material
  4. These threads always make me laugh.

    It takes more dedication than what 90% of what people are willing to put into "making money" online
  5. Yeah finding or even holding down a "job" to gain income is really hard. I myself am having trouble with the search.
  6. Post an escort ad on back page.

  7. Jiggalo!
  8. I"m serious there aren't that many male escorts out there. You can make some money, and it's less dangerous than being a female escort. Make sure to put a little razor in your shoe or something, just in case.

  9. I've actually considered this but then I thought of the women that would actually pay to have sex with my skinny unathletic ass and just went .. "... *sigh back to regular work.. *double sigh"
  10. Im a cna at a hospital but I just hate dropping the money I do on bud so I was just wondering. This isn't my main source of income lol

  11. They usually don't want sex. You just end up sitting around listening to them talk about their cats. Most of em are older. Widowed, divorced whatever. Just lonely and an old bitch'll have some cash dude. You might go watch a lifetime movie, eat some popcorn, nod your head alot and agree with everything she says and walk out with a few hundred.

    It's really crazy man.

  12. Stop selling it to me! Goddamit I'll end up spending my only day off a week to spend a night with some old widowed batch who wants to whatcha lifetime lol
  13. want to make money online...send me $100 and I'll tell ya how... :p
  14. I know people who make a lot of cash on eBay. Buy something in bulk and sell it individually at a mark up, or find good deals that you can flip for profit.
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    you can make money online, unfortunately the market is very saturated

    it does take alot of dedication and work

    the trick is to be unique

    id say youtube
  16. doing weird shit on a webcam usually can make u money lol
  17. get a job lol
  18. I know a lot of places nowadays do their applications online.
  19. Make porno's and upload them. Easy money.

  20. If your a slutty as bitch with fake tits and a gaping vagina OR if you have a horse cock otherwise your just uploading porn for all to see for free

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