Any mehcanics out there???

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  1. Just thought about it..Haven't met too many stoners who enjoy auto mechanics.. Are ya out there?? Last friday I pulled the transmission from a '93 Jimmy..Started to put it back in today, but got sidetracked with another project :).....
  2. it'd b an occupational hazzard i woulda thought... can't smoke a J when the entire surface around u is flamable greese and oil.
  3. Hell yeah, i'm a certified licensed mechanical tech and i think the coolest thing i ever got to wrench on was an engine from a b-52 bomber. those fuckers are big!

    A few of us in the shop a few years back rebuilt a General Electric dual centrifugal inflow charged turbojet as a "historcal demonstration of early jet propulsion" but was really our excuse to play with 20,000 lbs of supersonic thrust.

    This engine was used on the P-80 shooting star, one of the US's earliest jet interceptor aircraft.

    A team of 4 of us worked to rebuild parts that have not been produced in 30 years, and with some head scratching, welding, machine work, and fabrication we had a complete engine.

    We took it outside and bolted and chained it down on the test range, hooked it up to our kerosene storage tank, and fired up the Ground Power Unit (GPU, which is a 550CI hemispherical combustion chamber V8, yes, basically a bored/stroked MOPAR) high performance electric generator to provide the power to light off the high-energy starter sparker in the combustion can. After a few minor adjustments to fuel pressure, N1%, and P&D ratio tuning we began ignition sequence, fuel pressure, dump valve closed, N1% RPM was reached and that fucker lit off!!!!

    With a deep Whoosh, the internals rapidly spooled up and the compressor reached a whistling, piercing scream as N1% reached 100% + and a blue flame about 20 feet long came out of the diffuser nozzle blasting supersonic airflow downrange. The entire pad shook, the ground around it vibrated and small rocks danced around 10 feet of this beast as it strained agaist the reinforced cocnrete pillars holding back an immense amount of thrust.

    I trimmed N1 back to 80% and it ran just as loud and hard, and it worked!!! we were successful in resurrecting this beast from it's 30+ year period of inactivity.

    I wrench on anything and everything

    I still get a stiffy when i hear the growl of a well tuned piston engine, the scream of a turbine, or feel the shockwave of an aircraft on full afterburner screaming by 200 feet away 20 feet off the ground.

    I've got a 1989 240sx right now that i am in the planning/decision stages of building a 750 Bhp highly turbocharged roadcourse racer

    I want to eventually go back to school and get my aerospace engineering degree completed soemday and get a job deisgning future spacecraft and interplanetary propulsion systems.

  4. oh my god man...I had such a long fuckin post...took like an hour to make (but was taking my time) Kinda drunk now..but really.. TooSicks, loved your story.. any work done to your ride? I'm not going to bother with my little dodge, 318.. But AM saving up for a 454 big block I would like to bore out and stick in a 2500HD ( or MONTE CARLO, haven't decided, won't be for a while anyway..get the engine block first.....hope this doens't sound too fuckin stupid.. Kinda drunk, ok more drunk than no. So yeah... ZIA, I think it's pretty damn cool when women know there shit in automechanics.. not going to bother spell checking...THAT WAS FUCKING FUCKED ME OVER LAST TIME!!!!!! GOD I'm PISSED!!!! drank the jagermeister instead of smoking my last bit of weed...CONSDIER YOURSELF SMOKED!! had to smoke it man...relieve some stress..hahaha A FUCKING B-52??? That would be son cool!!!!!! Do you have any pictures of the engine you and your team built?? would really like to see it :)
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  6. HAHA,, sweet!!!!

    No I don't have any pics, wish i was did, it was badass.

    So far on my 240 i've pulled and cleande the head, and stated cleaning the engine bay up. this summer i'm gonna try and get a port/polished head from I'm gonna fabricate my own straight runner velocity stack intake and equal length exhaust mani.

    I used to be a marine mechanic and did some salvage and rebuild work on some of our rental fleet of boats, and i also used to rebuild personal watercraft and race tune 'em. I got to ride some badass rides when i was there too, i rode the '95 season factory race bike from seadoo, the HX, around the course and also got to ride full race tuned 1100cc waveraiders through the bouys. They would set the course up for practice every few weeks and the race teams would come out and test&tune. Those are some fast bikes, and the 1100cc yamaha was the highest performance machine i've ever seen. Grab a handful of throttle and it would just tear out from under you and fly outta the water, there was no way to hold on, you had to feather the throtle and then you still left the water with a little blip. I was radar clocked on that ski at 64mph, it was insane, it feels like twice that speed on water especially 20 feet from shore.

    I had fun wrenching on skis for half my time and riding the rest of the time, i'd show up for work an hour early and get a ride in at dawn before work, wrench for an hour, ride and test, wrench some more, ride n test. I did engine rebuilds, pump rebuilds, fiberglass work, control rigging, everything. I worked out of a floating garage that i can ride the skis into right from the water and had all the tools i needed on it. I also had a pontoon boat with a flat deck that i put a welder and a toolbox on and would do mobile repairs on yachts.

  7. Not really a mechanic but I used to assemble bikes, 4wheelers, water-craft, and snowmobiles. I've done burn-outs on a shiny factory floor with a valkyrie, rode wheelies on brand new honda 400ex's in the warehouse, and raced assorted bikes through the warehouse, including CBR's, a Katana, an R1 & R6, all, BIG FUN!
  8. HIGH All, was a brake mehcanic in the early 80's. My old man used to own a brake shop and us kids were his mehcanics. What an experience that was!
  9. know any mechanics?...boy do trying to think of one that DONT smoke..ah that'd be my dad.
    an construction workers,
    an mill workers,
    an insurance workers,
  10. I remember being about 5 years old outside putting a new alternator in my mom's '73 duster. I had my own car then, a '67 (i think) VW thing that was cut in half and shortened to a 2 seater. it was what i learned to drive with, and it was fun as hell. i can dump the clutch and do wheelies with it, it would jump really smooth, and drift around turns just soaking everything up. I had miles of trail and offroad areas in back of where i lived and that was my toy when i was a kid. I also built may different things, like a "racing lawnmower" when i was about7, i took an old riding mower, removed the blades, fenders, put extra strong drive belts on, and tuned the briggs&stratton 5hp till it ran sweet. I made oval and figure 8 dirt tracks in my yard and i'd drive the hell outta that thing, i've flipped it over, crashed, hit trees, and never told mom or she wouldn't let me out of the house anymore.

    I did the same thing with an old moped i found back then too, and that was my first motorbike. i used to run the moped on the circle track and make jumps on the straights. my mom got rid of it on me when she saw me wreck doing a dropoff from a little wall in the yard. it was sweet tho, i was jus a little kid so the moped was big on me, and i rode it like it was the biggest baddese dirt bike on the planet, cause to me it was.

    When i was a kid at christmas i'd start opening my presents, and the first present i got that allowed me to build stuff was the last one i'd open, my mom would be yelling at me 3 or 4 days later to open my other presents, and i'd be like, no i'm building stuff, leave me alone. And the simpler the toy was the more i liked it, the more basic it's elements the more it fascianted me. plain wooden buildng blocks were my favorite cause the possibilities were endless and i used to build to the ceiling with 'em standing on furniture to reach that high.

    It was like that with leggos, erector, lincoln logs, and anything else i can build with. I had all kinds of "customized" toys and i would rather invent my own toys than play with something somebody else thought of.

    I sawed the back wheels off my big wheel once and screwed a 2x6 plank to them, and made some front wheels from a hand truck/dolly that was broken. i used ot take it to the top of the hill and do speed runs down the twisty road in back of my house. I used ropes and pulleys to steer it.

    I was born with a very good understanding of physics and mechanics and can understand the principles and operation of anything mechanical. I really get into the science and theory behind it.

    I've done some aerospace industry mechanical consulting work and have even designed and fabricated parts of airframe structures for then-classified military projects.

    I want to finish school and acquire my aerospace engineer degree (aerospace engineer=rocket scientist, haha) and possibly work toward a degree or concurrent training in astrophysics and orbital mechanics.

    But for now i'm jus chillin till i can figure out how to pay for school.


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