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any medical marijuana patients out there got any advice?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by sweetestcheebah, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. so iv had sum gastrointestinal problems and a chronich sore throat for several years now. ive been to multiple doctors including specialists, iv had pill after pill after pill jammed down my throat, iv even had surgery on my throat and nothing will make these pains go away. then one day when i was feeling depressed i decided to get drunk and while intoxicated by alcohol i tried using cannabis since that day my stomach has felt great and though its not totally gone my throat pain has been diminished because iv been smoking pot. on a side note i havent drank any alcohol since that day either. can someone tell me whether they think i can get a medical permit for cannabis use on these terms
  2. It depends on where you live, the state laws on medical marijuana, and other factors. If you live in California, you could probably get a prescription if your docter is in favor of marijuana use.
  3. No one will know except for the doctor you consult about MMJ. All you can do is bring in your medical records and explain your pain and why you feel you need MMJ. After that its their discretion. But most doctors want to give the prescription and they want you to not be in pain.

    Check out Granny's site to see all accepted illnesses that are covered under MMJ.
  4. GERD is covered in the state of Colorado!

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