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  1. Going to MEPS this week to finally enlist after the longest processing Ive ever been through and my buddies have been waiting forever so we can finally celebrate again.

    But Im wondering if any others have read about this and can confirm this with personal experience with the DEP and how it all works as I just want to make sure I am in the clear untill my shipdate.

    Just want to know if these articles can still be referred as relevant information.
    Of course I know each individual recruiting center has their own policy and as far as my general knoweledge goes ours in pretty linient and follows standard procedures.

    Thanks in advance :cool:

    Recruiters armed with drug-test kits [Archive] - Forums

    Recruiters armed with drug-test kits - Marine Corps News | News from Afghanistan & Iraq - Marine Corps Times

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  2. Not sure if all that is true, but I've talked to plenty of Marines because that's where I'm headed, and one of them that I talked too, told his recruiter he was gonna fail the drug test and the recruiter gave him a bunch of detox, but he was going to NROTC first, not straight to the Marines so I'm not sure if they'll do that with you.
  3. Haha Recruiters get paid to have people enlist.

    They WILL lie and say anything to get you signed up.

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