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Any Maine Smokers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Don J, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. If there are any Maine smokers, hit me up.

  2. I was thinking about moving to Maine not too long ago... Unfortunately circumstances have changed and that is not a possibility. 
  3. I'm in Maine yo

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  4. Born and raised!
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    Made an account to check in! Portland area.
    PS why is the blueberry so hard to find?
  6. From Boston but smoking on some Maine dank right now

  7. im sure theres a bunch the homies that blows me glass for cheap lives there
  8. I was thinking about moving to Maine not too long ago...  [​IMG]
  9. Yea brudda I live around augusta
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    Posted twice
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    Is it legal to ship seeds in Maine to people certified for medical marijuana?
    lots of blades in the area. i'm over the county line, toward the coast.
  13. Near Bangor  ;)

    This is Maine.
  16. I'll bet Stephen King has a ton of weed in his mansion in Portland.
  17. His house is in Bangor actually.
    and yea he might. He definitely seems like a toker. You see him driving around town sometimes. i hear he spends most of his time in NY now. His gate is awesome though he has bats and spiders allover it . He used to let kids walk through his house for halloween and it was all decorated him and his wife did it . But they havent done it in a while.
    He has done a lot for this community though. Built baseball stadiums, funded the city bus line and built a little water park / community pool.
  18. Whaddup homies, South Portland here

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