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Any Lucid Dreamers?

Discussion in 'General' started by PuffDaddy420, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. As the title goes, and If your not familiar with what this means, it means to be able to know you are dreaming and asleep, thus being able to control them. Saw it on the Internet and thought why not ask the city.
    I haven't done this myself but have been reading up on the methods used to do this and thought its pretty cool.
    Anybody ever do this? Post experiences
    Any inputs accepted :)
  2. idk about that exactly
    but i can wake myself up if i feel a dream is getting too intense or real
    like i have a lot of dreams about getting killed
    and right before i know im gonna die
    i'll wake myself :c
  3. Happened two times. Was short but awesome!
  4. Always wanted too,have to try it one of theses days.
  5. It happened to me twice as well. I got really interested and tried it a lot. My results didn't last long (which is common at first), but I just had too much trouble getting myself in the mindset to do it. I also don't sleep for very long at a time, so I gave up. It's such an interesting topic though...I wish I could do it easily.
  6. I've managed to do it twice, both times i went flying, i was only half lucid though, like i knew i could fly so when i felt like i wanted to i'd sprint forward, dolphin dive then soar along the ground 6 foot in the air, it was awesome, but then i'd realise i was dreaming and wake up
  7. been lucid and astral for over 10 years...i can fly and bound (jump) and i can create in my dreams... i'm an old guy though.. an old wizard..
  8. Please teach me oh wise one.

  9. it's all about silencing your mind... learn to silence your mind at will, the rest just falls into place...

    when your laying down at bed, or having meditation time.. silence your mind.. then you'll hear that silence actually has a ring to it... that's your connection to the astral/etherverse/multiverse.
  10. I used to lucid dream when I was about 5. It was cool.

    My silence has a ring, but I think it's tinnitus.
  11. I have always had lucid dreams but not very often id say maybe 1 or 2 a year since i was a kid

    im usually chasing someone or being chased but i sometimes realize i can do whatever and jump far and fly..sometimes im like neo and have perfect aim and reflexes to kick everyones ass..even take bullets no problem when im really into the dream

    I dont usually remember my dreams because i smoke every day, but i didnt smoke for a week and the other day i remember dreaming i was in the show dexter and i was tracking a serial killer with dexter..i realized he led me into a trap but i shot and killed him and then deb came there to tell me good job but dexter was pissed was crazy how it was just like the show and i remember it so well
  12. Been looking to lucid dream for a while now, although havn't really found the time to start a dream journal to help out.

    Well last night I had a few super vivid dreams that I remember pretty well, but the first one sticks with me most as I remember being in it and was certain it was a dream. Fortunately the shock didn't wake me up and I remember consciously (well within the dream), willing for certain things to happen. They never did :( In fact if anything the complete opposite happened.

    One day I will succeed..
  13. [infomartial voice]I started astrally projecting and lucid dreaming as soon as I began reading Astral Dynamics and Mastering Astral Projection by Robert Bruce.[/infomartial voice]

    He's my favorite author on the subject because his books aren't stream of consciousness hoopla by some mung bean patchouli long island hemp hippy.
  14. ^^ I've always been interested in AP. I just never really understood what it was.
  15. i suffer from sleep paralysis (which used to be scary once every 2 months or so) but i more or less learned to transition my SP into lucid dreaming. Amazing stuff.

    One of my most vivid dreams was waking up in my room, but the door was locked. But i turned on my PC and it was all different, and then i was convinced it was a dream. So i looked out the window and was thinking about jumping, but then i said fuck that, this is too real. lol then i woke up
  16. the ONLY time I've ever had a lucid dream was by accident and I only realized it was a dream because I was in oblivion surrounded by absolutely nothing. It was just me in a vacant vacuum of white space. With the unlimited power that I had I managed to turn myself into a walrus, so now I was a walrus living in oblivion. I chilled there for about 5 minutes just being a walrus and then I woke up (about 12 hours after I went to bed too, so that was weird).

    does anyone have any tips on how to find out if you're dreaming when you're asleep? I'd like to try to turn into a hippo next time.
  17. Yea i used to have sleep paralysis and see people or just crazy shit in my room..never was really paralyzed though cause i would jump up and turn on the just went away one day knock on wood
  18. I used OTC melatonin for about a 2 week stretch and experienced dreams so lucid that I had to stop the medication.

    I was having a difficult time distinguishing between situations that had actually occurred and things that I had dreamed.
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    [quote name='"sativa syborg"']been lucid and astral for over 10 years...i can fly and bound (jump) and i can create in my dreams... i'm an old guy though.. an old wizard..[/quote]

    Teach me Master

    I've also lucid dreamed twice and it was awesome. I've had sleep paralysis about 4 times as well and I love it. I always hear people yelling and running around and get the biggest surge of adrenaline ever.

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