Any love for the Lotus?

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  1. Anyone here on GC have a Lotus?

    I don't ever see anything about them here.

    I found it perusing FC, and fell in love.

    Mine arrived last week, and I've been putting through its paces ever since.
    It immediately took over my daily driver position. No more waiting for the EQ to heat up when I get home, I'm already feeling good by the time it would have warmed up.

    I only got the water pipe adapter version, they make a stand alone aluminum stem for it but I wanted to use it with my glass.

    Here is the heat cap and the WPA:
    The WPA is 14mm, all my glass is 18mm so I use a standard low profile reducer. No issues for me, but some people have interference with the stir stick and a large diameter reducer.

    So here it is setup on my 10" bubbler:

    And all ready to go:

    This is a torch based vaporizer, but their ingenuous twist in the design lets you inhale fresh air not butane fumes. You just heat the center of the flower on top for a couple seconds then start hitting while continuing to heat the center. You will see a soft red glow when it's hitting the right temperatures, if the glow gets bright you better back the torch off and inhale faster to cool it.

    As usual there is a small learning curve, but it's not difficult and is worth the time for the massive clouds this thing can produce in seconds.

    Less is more, as they tell you in the instruction pamphlet. You only need to put enough herb in there to cover the screen. The less you put in the harder you can hit it without the fear or combustion. Of course you can load up a bowl and get several hits also.
    It can function like the "snapper" of the vape world. One fresh, clean hit each time if you want. That is thoroughly extracted. I can take my ABV to its darkest limits without burning it.

    The taste that this thing produces is amazing as well. Most flavorful hits I've ever had. For the best flavor hit try putting a whole little nugget in the bowl, after a hit or two break it up with the stir stick.

    Post up some pics if you've got a Lotus!

  2. The Lotus is a GREAT vaporizer.    Good choice.....
  3. i recently got a vapor genie and im loving it, was looking at the lotus but i think i may order a replacement vapor genie stone and ghetto rig one.
  4. Here's a quick video I made of the Lotus in action.

    Not the hugest cloud, but certainly an average hit.
    This thing will make vapor so thick it will choke you, I prefer not to push it that far. :)
  5. A couple bowls of Green Crack in my Lotus has me feeling a lot better this morning.


    Helps a lot with nausea from sinus issues.

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    Some days call for more of a shotgun approach:


    While the heavy diffusion cuts the flavor a lot, the volume of vapor this thing gets into my system and the speed it does it in makes it worth it.


    Edit: the picture is right if you open it in a new window, not sure why it's sideways there.
  7. Just sold mine actually. It is a good vape, but I don't have much use for a portable. I can medicate more than sufficiently at home and then just go out, plus my cousins who I always hang with own portables. 
    I also got a little annoyed sharing it with other people. I swear, every single one of my friends who didn't have experience using a vape torched load after load. I told them how, showed them how, over and over but they still torched it.
    Enough ranting. If you want a portable vape that is awesome for personal use and good with people with some experience, the Lotus is a great choice. Definitely one of the hardest hitting portables out there, you can make some serious clouds with that thing. I'd be curious about picking up another WPA adapter and cap in the future, but as of now I just don't need it.
  8. Still love my Lotus!

    Try one if you get a chance.

  9. The lotus appears to be an amazing water pipe only vape on a budget. If I was ever in a pinch for cash and wanted a vape to run through water I wouldn't bat an eye at the lotus.
  10. Planning on it this summer!

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  11. Love going out here for the Lotus.
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    I like the look of that vape. Never heard of it before but does look interesting.   My VAS is in decline at the moment after I cured it with some mflb extra's like the  but when it flairs up again an It will.... I may well get one of these....
    EDIT: Didn't cure my VAS just masked the symptoms....  There is no known cure for VAS....;)
  13. Glad to see there are others who love the Lotus!

    We are growing! :smoke:
  14. Oh just keep reading about it... its sure to get it to flare up on you again lmao
  15. What are they like regards gas usage?  ie.. are you constantly having to refill the lighter?
  16. There is a portable dry pipe version as well, actually it was the original. The Water Pipe Adapter is a new addition to the line up.
    You've got to be carful with it though, there's the Crack Pipe factor. If seen using it in public they will assume you are smoking crack or meth, not Good Ol' marijuanna. :)
  17. stop it you!! lol  You'll have me spending more cash...  I've already bought an EQ two MFLB's and an orbiter this month... At this rate I won't have any money to buy my
  18. Luckily we don;t really have a crack problem in the UK. Well, outside of London anyway.. The locals would probably think I'm just smoking a fancy :)
  19. I have two that I rotate, I refill them both every other day or so.
    So I get about a day plus a little per fill.
    It's never been an issue. One full lighter is plenty to get a group high.
    They do get hot with repeated hits so I like to rotate them.
  20. Not bad then :)

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