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  1. I just picked up a half zip of this stuff and its great, just wondering if anyone else likes to get down like its ancient china. i could post pics but idk if they are really necessary
  2. Hell ya man. I love the effects of it alone or with weed. I like the happy, warm, buzz I catch from it. Makes me more talkative and a little more energetic in small doses. Opium is REAL rare to come by around here though
  3. hell yea, soooo rare. but i may have just found a legit connect....
  4. lucky you, for the most part opium died with ancient china. prescription pills, heroin, morphine, etc have taken over but opium seems like a nice rare treat :)
  5. yea its rare, ive only had it 3-4 times before now.
  6. I love me some opium. I have a steady connect, but I don't want to get hooked. It's a once or twice every other month type of thing for me.
  7. It never, ever comes around here. The last time I heard about it was a friend got some by accident 3 years ago.

    And by accident, I mean his friend put some in a blunt and didn't mention it until AFTER he had started smoking.

    I've never gotten to try pure opium, but I do Oxy, so that's as good as it's gong to get unless I start growing poppies or move. You're a lucky, lucky person.
  8. i love me some opium
  9. Opium is nice. You know Papaver Somniferum grows just like canna; 60-90 day veg and sub 8 week flower. It loves acidity and does well in hydro. Germinations lengthy but the rest is a breeze. Papaver Somniferum seeds are only $5 for hundreds FYI

  10. last fall, i ordered a few grams of opium poppy seeds, don't know the specific genus but they're touted as "Golden Triangle" poppies. i guess the "GT" is where most of the worlds opium is produced. i've got my plan in place and will be starting them out in march and early april. then i'll be in california for a couple months, and when i get back home it should be close to harvest time. i can't fucking wait. i've been reading up on how to derive/purify morphine from raw opium, and it doesn't seem that hard. def don't need a lab or even really any lab equip. there are a few chemicals i need, but all of that is readily available without even raising a red flag. the 2nd half of the summer should be good!
  11. o man, with a harvest ur about to be faded for a while...
  12. Man that's cooler then a fan. You'll get 70mg or so from each pod as well as a ton of seeds. Enjoy, think of me on the exhale!!

  13. ARE YOU SERIOUS! This guy has created like 10 accounts to advertise his store. Look bro, if you want to advertise your store just say in some sections that you opened your own store, and would really appreciate our business as your trying to get started. If you did that I would probably buy a spoon from you just to show you that being nice and asking for help pays off.
  14. Mmm. I love me some opium. I currently have a gram left from last weekend. I'm saving it for a REALLY shitty day.
  15. Uh, pardon my ignorance but what are you talking about? I dont know of 10 accounts or any store?? Slow your roll.
  16. theres serioulsy noooo good connects in roch ny for that shit, but if there was i wouldnt be typing this right be soo faded that transparency would have nothing on me.
  17. Yeeaahhh much love for opium. Have personally tried it once and it was relaxing but definitely not too intense on its own... I imagine it would complement some dank really nicely.

    Some friends have told me that the sort of blissful apathy you get from opiates helps to counter paranoia from weed. I've noticed the effect on Vicodin before but it definitely merits some further investigation with opium. there's something just totally fucking awesome about the idea of a bowl of dank nugs and opium mixed... maybe some high quality pipe tobacco thrown in as well. :smoking:
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    Ok, I dont know why but posts like these and others where people where people are arguing over stupid things like age really bug me. This one went too far because it is so clear you literally have no fucking idea what you're talking about. Bouncing Bear Botanicals has been around for 8 years and is one of the most reputable online sources for certain cactus and other plants. They are certainly not just starting and if you even bothered to look at the site you'd realize they sell plants, not pipes.

    I myself have ordered San Pedro cuttings from there (for mescaline extraction) multiple times, and have nothing but positive things to say about it. I've recommended it to friends and it has worked out for many of them as well. Im just not going to let someone badmouth one of the few reputable sellers on the net. Because of the good things i've gotten from BBB and EDIT I feel that if someone badmouths either it's my responsibility to give the other side of the story. If you cant even click on the link and have no experience whatsoever with the site your giving an opinion of, then gtfo. Not cool man, not cool at all.
  19. Thanks Glass420! I have only been here for a few days so I did'nt want to call anyone out but you're on point with your comments. BBB has a great collection, excellent prices and quality all around.

    Keep it real, real things happen

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