any long distance dads?

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  1. so me and my babys momma split a year ago
    i moved away for enlistment purposes army navy or Marines
    well when i can i phone call or she calls my parents phone the split was bad so i refus e to give her my cell and use my parents as the voluntered to be the proxy between are contact well i broke down put skype on my computer and we skped tonight

    just seeing my son move scream laugh all that and look at me and call me dadda is a awesome feeling

    so i ask GC anyone of you a long distance dad doing what you can to support the kid and the mom
  2. I've never been in this situation so take my words with a grain of salt, but I think if you're in a long distance situation you should use things like Skype to keep in contact with your kids as much as possible.

    I've seen many situations like this. Some of them go well, some of them go horribly. If you and your ex's split was pretty volatile, then that makes it an even harder situation.

    I've seen cases where the party in custody tries to tell their kids that "daddy never loved you and that's why he left us" and various other fucked up shit like that. Hopefully your ex would never do that, but just in case..

    Keep in contact with your kids as much as you possibly can. Skype, phone calls, texts when they get old enough to have their own phones. Just do as much as you can to show them that you love them and will always be there for them.
  3. i do tonight was awesome took some pics on the comp of him and her and even tho the split between me and her was bad she knows its important for me to be invovled with him as much as i can even tho im gone she grew up in a situation like this so she reniforces the fact im his dad with him im just happy she does and thankful i scroll threw almost all 250 pics i have of both them daily
  4. I can't say much but I can say one thing. I have a friend who is a long distance dad but he's a great father. He and the mother split up a while ago but it hasn't stopped him from being there for his child. He gets to visit his son as often as the distance allows him to.

    I'm glad you got skype so that you can see your little man, those video calls are so much more than photos.
  5. Go see your kid as much as possible. He could end up hating you if your not around for him. And you moved away a year ago to enlist and still haven't joined? Can't really use that for an excuse now can you?
  6. rea
    enlisting not the only reason iv moved away it was also the criminal court case she had me in the civil court case and the custody/child support court case all in that years time i could no longer afford support her plus my self

    and the extra paper work from the criminal case which got droped to a city ordanace issue with her has complicated my enlistment iv gone threw meps for psych evals iv passed and psychicals

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