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Any limit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Macnub, May 22, 2010.

  1. Lets say you smoke 1 bowl of say, Dro. Lets say that bowl of Dro = 8.

    Now lets say you want to smoke some mids to get as high as the Dro would of gotten you. Lets say you smoke a bowl of mids, and it = 2.

    Can weed stack the effectiveness like that? so by bowl 4 of the mids, its equal to smoking 1 bowl of Dro? Is there a limit to this stacking effect (if any) or can you just keep on getting higher?
  2. theres a platau when you smoke but that stoping point is much higher when you ingest it
  3. no b/c they are different weeds with different potency levels. they are giving you 2 different highs, so you can get as high as the mids can possibly get you but its not gonna be the same as the good stuff gets you. and if it is top notch stuff, you could smoke an ounce of mids and it wont be as good
  4. Ace, Thanks man.
  5. This is a completely unscientific way of saying is the dosage directly linear or otherwise.

    A better question would be: If a bowl of Dro delivers 40mg of THC to the brain (I have no idea if that's even a reasonable amount) and a bowl of mids delivers 10 mg of THC to the brain (once again I'm not sure of the dosage), would it be safe to say that 40 mg of THC from mids introduced over a period of time would effect the body in the same way as the 40 mg of Dro introduced at once?

    The answer is two fold: THC acts in odd ways on receptors in that the ceiling of effects is determined by how long the exposure to THC lasts. Receptors can be over-saturated with THC while receptors introduced to THC over time will quickly fill and become fully saturated. In order to get the highest, the most THC must be introduced as quickly as possible.

    So yes, if the 40 mg of THC from both sources was administered at the same time theoretically and ideally the effects would be the same.

    However, different strains of cannabis have different concentrations of the many cannabinoids. Smoking a few bowls of mids is probably going to get you similarly high to the 1 bowl of Dro, but the actual highs will be different simply because of the different cannabinoids present in each sample.

    I hope this explains it well.
  6. Sure does. I must of deleted the first post like 5 times, because I didn't know how to word it. Good answer.
  7. fuck you. now im confused and high as hell :smoking:
  8. #8 CaptainFalcon, May 22, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 22, 2010
    damn when i first saw that post i thought there was no way i would understand that but it made complete sense, good post man.
    i also think it depends on what you smoke out of, i could puff on a bowl of some mids all day out of a spoon and not really get blazed, but if i smoked some bong rips id definitely get as high, but to me its not as clean (i dont really know how to explain it, danks just more clean haha) or enjoyable

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