Any lesbians/Bisexuals out there?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ThatHighChick, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Eyy ladies (;

    I've been pretty curious lately to see if there are any girls like me around here.
    (I'm attracted to both girls, and guys. But in my opinion girls are better) ;)

    Hopefully there are at least a couple! :wave:
  2. wow you are one hot ass bisexual stoner chick!!! ;) :p
    awww i realy wish i was a hot lesbian right now! hahaha:p

  3. Have you ever tried a threesome relationship? Dated a girl that loved bringing other bisexual girls home..but confessed she wanted a gf too..
    Took a while to find a girl down to share..but it was wasn't always a threesome type deal..we would see each other separately But it was fuffilling..would do it again if the chemistry was right
  4. Gay all the way.:wave:

  5. Not a relationship, but I have had a couple of threesomes. with 2 girls and a girl and a guy. They're pretty damn funn (;

    But idk if I could do a relationship with two people.. I don't really like relationships anyway so maybe that's it. Idk, but let's just say I wouldn't like sharing all the time. :)
  6. It boggles my mind that girls are so antsy to announce to the world that they also like to munch carpet.

    I think it's an attention gimmick, because 95% percent of them don't seem to have ever even kissed another girl.

  7. lol maybe for some girls, but I was in a relationship with my last GF for over a year, and I'm not a relationship person. &&We did alot more than just kissing. I'm Definitely not doing this for attention. I like what I like and if I wanna tell people I should be able to lol Why should that be a secret?

  8. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  9. :hello::hello: This guy has it figured out.

  10. It was great for a while..we did have our separate love lives..we dated separate and together

    But my original gf I had prior to the polygamy got upset when my other gf became closer to me..and I to her..

    Some things were said and done..and my original gf also couldn't adapt to my new lifestyle..she wa afraid that she would be passed around by my brothers even though she would be protected by old lady status
    my other gf got real bad on unmentionables and went to rehab..moved to another state and went holy roller's not for everyone..if u have any possessive or jealous traits its impossible..
  11. Hey!!! Im a gay guy... not sure if that counts :p

    I love you all anyways!

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