Any legit sites that mail to the states?

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  1. OK I have been scouring the forum and haven't had any luck finding good seed banks for the type of strains I like. Any suggestions??

    Any help is much appreciated blades thanks

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  2. Just about everyone mentioned in this section.  Come to think of it there's few mentioned that don't.
  3. What strains do you want to buy you can't find?
  4. theres alot of places. the tude has a shit load of things to choose from, so does herbies. also if your looking for canadian strains try provision seeds. otherwise use the tude or herbies. u might wanan try herbies, ordering from the tude is like gambling i heard.
  5. The Single Seed Centre always comes through for me.
  6. You could try the silk road. But that's risky.
  7. really wouldn't recommend that ^^^^^^ as it s pretty much a hotline to the feds at the moment. 
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    I just bought , my first piece from . I dont know if theyre still doing it, but I got a free one hitter, grinder, and a few pipe screens with my ten dollar pipe. Shipping was like 7 dollars so $17 for all that shit is great. I bought mine with a prepaid card. Packaging was discreet. From the outside, I had no idea what it was. And it is in the u.s. so you dont have to worry about any out of country complications
  9. Herbie's is looking good so far, I'm currently awaiting delivery now and closely following tracking.

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