Any legit hookup sites?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Desparado, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. I've seen em before but I'm pretty sure they're all scams. Or charge for everything!

    Anyone know of a legit site like that?
  2. you're on it baby oww owwwww!!!!!!
  3. Lmao well I'd definitely like I meet some ladies in my area then.
  4. lmao
    try craigslist. i hear they got some quality trailer park girls
  5. hookup sites lmao.. come on now son don't ya have any pride in ya. Any girl on a hookup site is a girl you never want to have in your bed. Now pull your confidence pants up and get out into the world, your local bar is a start.

    Edit: Oh wait your name is Desperado.. well come down from your fence desperado before its too late!
  6. CL works, but it's not worth the trouble lol. Try a site like okcupid.
  7. at first i thought you meant for weed LOL
  8. Lol just looking for a quick one. My interested in developing a rapport, and working an angle to get her in my bed.

    I feel if two individuals have the same purpose, then there's less hoops to jump through. Don't have to deal with that person staying to long. Don't have to worry about them finding a ride or giving one. I mean it's not low life.

    Lots of people go to the strip club, but I'm not doing that.
  9. Go for the Queen of Diamonds. :smoke:

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