Any lax bros??

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by laxmaniac, May 4, 2011.

  1. Lax brahs post your team, position etc! (I play for Morse High, I play half goalie half attack, wierd i know!)
  2. [ame=]YouTube - The Ultimate Lax Bro[/ame]
  3. brahhhhhhhhhh
  4. Just getting done our season (3 more games) 12-6. Senior playin attack 17 goal 38 assist season. Feeding is more my specialty then shooting.
  5. Season just finished, I play Midfield, first year so I kinda suck.. :smoke:
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    It's all goood. You will just get better. Just work hard in the off season doing -"camps,tourney teams,fall,indoor" and if you do all that to prep for next season you will come back 120% better. Also look into speed training called (velocity) works very well
  7. Once a lax bro always a lax bro. Stay fresh brahs.
  8. I'm going to Top Gun lax camp this summer, any one gone before, like is it as good as it's said to be?
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    It's a good camp. Trying out for underarmor all-amercan jersey this summer
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    I played midfield for 3 years and then fell in love with attack. I played left but mostly X. I played indoor lax with steve Boyle(went pro last summer) in Derry nh at the sport zone and then at rising stars in Bedford. My senior year at pembroke academy I had 26 goals and 46 assists. I too was a feeder but when our #1 shooter is locked off you need to push the cage. Face dodge and a change of direction where my favorite dodges

  11. Top gun is a great program however I always played for NESLL around the same time as top gun so I never could go. NESLL is New England Select Lax League
  12. No. I am not a lax bro.
  13. Box player in Canada. Don't really have any one team right now, playing for quite a few actually. Fucking lax and dope equal life! They go great together! Don't know why there aren't many lax bro stoners.
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    Lax bro middie here.
    Y'all got tips for improving? It is my first year for the northern Arizona wolf pack!!

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  15. I'm a lax bro bra, lets lax it up

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