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Any last minute tips ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cartoony, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Just about to toke up in about 10 mins. Unfortunately I have a very small amount of weed. I know there are a lot of "How to get really high off little weed" threads, but this thread is just for some last minute ideas.
    So what do you guys think could help me get higher off my weed (got about .4-.5)
    And just in case you need to know, I'm smoking out of my bong.

    Anyway thanks in advance!
  2. .4-.5 would get me high twice, but a gravity bong would get you where you want to be.
  3. i could get high two or three times from that, either take a bunch of small rips or not very many big rips
  4. .4 to .5? Shit .1 can get me high.
  5. Your weed must suck if you can't get high off of .4 of weed.
  6. Op forgot he was posting in the apprentice forums where everyone gets ripped off of one bowl. To op if you have some mangos or omega 3 fish oil lying around repeat that, wait 30-45 minutes then smoke. It'll greatly increas your high.
  7. Eat a mango. Take a leak and shit. Wait 30 minutes. Hit the gravity bong. Maximized.
  8. pour cough syrup on that shit
  9. i didnt kno omega 3 fish oil enhanced the effects of weed. i take 2 fish oil pills every morning but i usually smoke at night. tell me how this works. do you take it right before you smoke? how much should you take? give me the deets man lol
  10. Well I really wish I was more qualified to answer your questions teto but I'll answer as best as I can. Your supposed to take 2 about an hour before you smoke because omega 3 fish oil helps your body synthesize the thc and break it down faster and more efficiently. I've found it doesn't work as well as a mango but never tried both together. Also Ive heard you can take more then 2 but I assume past a certain amount it's just overkill.

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