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  1. So my seeds finally came in and im getting ready to germinate them and buy all my stuff on monday. I was just gonna get some 5 gallon buckets with Fox farms happy frog & some perlite. Anything else I should buy?

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  2. Growing in or out ?

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  3. Outdoors
  4. Might wanna start in something smaller then 5g buckets. It can be done but overwatering in a pot that size is pretty easy for a new grower. Also I've never used that soil but I know some store bought soils can be pretty hot for brand new seedlings.
    I'm a fairly new grower to(less the 10 harvests) but I've had good luck starting in peat picks and then transferring to solo cups once is see roots. Then I usually go to one gallon then the final pot. Works great for me anyways.

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  5. I've always heard it's best to plant in the final pot
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  6. Autos should be planted in final pots. They don't do well with transplants. Reason being is that you want your auto plant to continue to grow out it's tap root. Longer it gets the more explosive your plants growth will be. FF soil will great. Just pay attention to your seedling. Autos aren't very forgiving to errors.
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  7. Honestly, if you have the space you couldn't do your plant a bigger favor than planting in the final pot. No transplanting means less stress. No transplanting reduces the amount of stress the plant is exposed to significantly because you're not taking the plant out of its pot to check for root mass (a beginner is going to check every couple days, remember?). Also, if you wait too long and the plant becomes root bound, then you have to stress the plant by injuring its root mass to stimulate new growth again, adding more stress to the plant.

    If you get the drainage properties on your soil right with the addition of the perlite, I'd run it hempy style. Because you're outdoors, I'd put 2 or 3 drain holes instead of 1, just to ensure any rainstorms don't flood out your bucket. Happened to me once with a single hole... sad face :(
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  8. Is too many holes bad ? I added like 7 and at the bottom of the buckets i added a layer of perlite. I mixed 50% Happy Frog and 30% ocean forest with 20% perlite. I'm wondering for my autos if nutes are neccesary?
  9. 7 holes at the bottom means good drainage.

    You should be good with that mix. You can always give nute supplement later on in life if it needs it.
  10. i cant believe you talk shit considering how green you are at all this shit!
  11. 5gals for autos? I have had autos in 1, 2 and 5gal. I'd prolly dial it in around 3gal before you start wasting space.

    Then again I don't have any outdoor experience so that may create a different monster.

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  12. Hi,
    I'm a newbie to growing really. Well I've done a couple but they've always been with cuttings, I've just got some seeds, can anyone please tell me the best way of starting off the seeds. Be very much appreciated.
    Thank you

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  13. What bank is the NL auto from

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  14. I drop em in a cup of water and put the cup in a dark cabinet for 24hrs.

    If they sink, thats good. If they don't, give em a tap and they should sink.

    At this point I pay close attention for the "crack". Once it cracks and I begin to see evidence of a taproot I take it out of the water and put it in a damp paper towel, white, no colors or dyes.

    U place that paper towel in a sandwich bag with the ziploc side still open, allowing air in but not so much that it dries out your napkin.

    Over the next day or so the taproot should get longer and once it's at a comfortable length for me, plant with the taproot down lightly cover and mist.

    You can place a clear plastic cup over the seed spot and mist the inside until the seedling is established. Then it's off to the races! Good luck man

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  15. Put some mycorhiza in there if you can afford it,but your grow medium is so important. Doesn't matter if the seed falls in upstide down either as its gravity that determines the taproot,but yeah taproot down if you can.Try not to touch it alot either, oils on your fingers or something.

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