Any ladies need some help with their pride?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ZarTheDragon, May 13, 2011.

  1. if you're feeling down I'm like a counselor, a pastor, a priest, or a psychologist.

    A shrink to a freak. :cool:
  2. Don't priests usually like to "help" little boys? I'm just sayin...
  3. I don't need help with my pride, however.... i need help changing my light bulb, could you come help?

    The reward will be plentiful.

  4. Lol u weird bruh
  5. the light switch upstairs?
  6. Dear sex-specialist ZarTheDragon PHD.,

    Recently I've caught myself falling hard for a dude who I've always had a bit of an attraction towards. There's just something about him I can't quite place... Maybe it's his finger toes? IDK
    Anyway, he appears oblivious to all the signals I've been sending him through our entire friendship. I flirt with him more than anyone else and take every opportunity to give him a nice long hug.
    Unfortunately, when I really like someone I become super shy around them. We've been hanging out a lot this week and have shared some pretty lovely conversations but I want to speed up the process. I have this constant nagging feeling that I need to just pounce on him and suck his face off. Do you have any suggestions?

    Hopeless Romantic
  7. Smile like a doughnut, and i gotcha back.
  8. Invite him over your place for drinks. If he doesn't get it after that...he just wants to be friends or hes gay lol.

    You can always tell him, that shits hot.
  9. I dated someone for...too long, and we broke up a couple weeks ago. He broke up with me to be exact, and he's on my shit still. I don't want to date him, but he's someone that was a big part of my life for 4 years...I don't want to hurt his feelings. What to do.
  10. Be honest. Dont lead him on hes better off just facing it.
  11. So I keep hearing that I'm not "affectionate enough". I suppose it has a little to do with my pride, but how big of a deal is it really to men for me to act cutesy and cuddly?
  12. I do tell him! Sort of.
    Like I say "I always want to be touching you" kind of jokingly.
    I don't want to come on too strong... I don't know what he'd be into.
    I feel like I would know if he saw me as more than a friend by now. He's usually pretty easy to read when it comes to girls.
    Nnnn thinking about it is tying my stomach in knots
  13. only one thing left to do then, grab his cock and tell him how bad u want it....
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    Just go for it. There is no point dropping subtle hints or waiting for him to read your signals. Most of us guys can't read any signals and hints just go over our heads. The only way to let him know is tell him straight or pounce on him!!

  15. are you into this guy? maybe shits getting "boring".....acting cute is good but not all the time for me....maybe he means in the sheets

  16. You should tell him "i think wed have great sex"....youll know fursure affter that.
  17. Ladies, subtle hints do NO GOOD! Man up and speak your mind. We cant read minds.

  18. I like that. Maybe I will. I will let you know if I take this advice, and how well it works.
    A couple months ago I did (as a joke. for a thread on GC, as a matter of fact) text him "So when are we going to have sex?" he replied with something along the lines of "hahaha wow. i dunno" Which sounds like a "hmmmm... no." to me. But I really do like him... He's the only guy I've had a seeeeccreetttt cruuuush on in years.
    We held hands for a little the other day. :eek:
    I broke away because I got embarrassed and thought my hands were sweaty :rolleyes:

  19. girls act crazy man wow.
  20. Hello :)
    My situation can be complicated but this is the basics.
    -we have sex quite often
    -chill almost everyday
    -smoke and drink together
    -talk about personal shit together
    -cuddle and hold hands or sometimes just fall asleep together
    -if we aren't together, we're usually on aim or texting each other
    -we're always in bed together
    -he says he isn't looking for a girlfriend but doesn't want me around other dudes
    -i'm getting attached.

    what's your take on this? be blunt. im not one for subtle hints and sugarcoated information :)

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