Any ladies in KC???

Discussion in 'General' started by hidininkc, May 26, 2009.

  1. Are there any ladies on here in the Kansas City area?
  2. I think you're confused...

    ....This is not e-harmony.
  3. Nope. No ladies from KC. Just a big sausagefest.
  4. Gosh youre so fucking funny. I am a lady also dipshit. Do you get your jollies off looking on here and trying to make fun of other people posting. I am looking for other chicks to smoke dank and chill with.
  5. Actually I get my jollies from punching babies and raping chickens... not always in that order.
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    That's funny because I get my jollies from beating up faggots that think they are funny.....

    comments like this are against the rules.
  7. I never was much of a fan o chickens, the claws scratched my mansack too much. Try a duck next time, the webbed feet paddling away on the funbag is pretty

    Jefferson city here, with an open invite to come down & say howdy to the wife & I. Been trying to get a GC BBQ started for a while now,but no takers.
  8. I dont think it is a person you'd want to invite to come meet you and your wife...

    I mean look at the post above you, it seems like it has some anger issues and it might snap and murder/rape you ..maybe not in that order.
  9. Reading some of your post you are either a man or a lesbian, regardless this is not a dating site, please refrain from similar actions in the future. Thank you and have a productive day.
  10. E-Harmony supports lesbians :confused:
  11. Well then I think you answered your own question :)
  12. i vote yes to the threesome bbq with the man and hes wife
  13. THis thread is amazing :bongin:
  14. No, you're not :rolleyes:
  15. So you do have a licker licence or are you just a liar & in actual fact a chap..?
  16. i think the OP is attempting to find people in KC to rape... :eek:

    I'm glad I don't live in KCMO
  17. Damn straight dude, rape by Man-Bear-Pig doesn't sound to appealing to me either!! :eek:
  18. we got ourselves a liar go fetch the gimp :wave:

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